After all, if you can’t find a story to please you, go write it yourself. Return of the Legend Zenonia 5: Osiris explains that one cannot exist without the other. He meets Sun, a girl searching the lands for his father, who had been missing since she was a baby. Unlike Zenonia 2 , they have no bearing on the storyline. I may or may not change the plot around to fit the story better, but the fact is that I’ll be adding more dialogue because either Gamevil doesn’t make very good ones or it’s mistranslated in the process from Korean to English.

All right, so anyway, the entire basis for the Evil story goes like this Druids are mages with a large amount of SP. At the frosty dungeon, the player and Lepe notice that the monsters were fighting each other. The Dream- Do not falter, do not be anxious, do not regret. I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but Then after Evil Regret defeats Lady Charity, Lord Virulent appears and is afflicted with the giddy stupidity that infects many cliche villains right when their ridiculous, hackneyed schemes are on the cusp of actually working. I don’t wanna play through it again just to find out what the dialogue in the alternative storyline is like. Hello readers, I’m just another newbie author on this archive, a fledging if you will.

It features four new characters with their own special abilities and combat tactics: Take over and rule the kingdom? One by one, more monsters surrounded them, looking even more ferocious than before. No wind blew in.


Why do I have to die? I didn’t kill your father! I’m EternallySoulless or ES for short. And if anyone has anything to add for the evil version of events, please do. As they travel further, they find that the rest of the heroes have already been frozen by Lex, the guardian boss of the Frosty Dungeon.

Zenonia follows the quest of a young man who, as a child, was taken–or perhaps “rescued”–from his family during a war.

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Go to Link Unlink Change. No recent wiki edits to this page. Your review has been posted. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Similar to previous Zenonia games, you can choose from four classes to begin your game.


Zenonia and the Sequels…. ( ZATS)

Disable pot feature for this session. Not good… He’s in danger! I’m paraphrasing a bit here, but There are just too many… ‘ Hey,’ I tried to shout out’Get out of here! Anyone know for sure? The hero slays Lex, and retrieves the first gem. They wield dual blades.

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He died in Zenonia 3 by sacrificing himself to save the world. The controls on the iPhone are a little bit cumbersome to use, but it’s apparent that Gamevil Inc.

Oh wait, that’s right Each time you use this special attack your SP is depleted. Thanks for reading and review if you want me to continue. Amos, captain of the Royal Guard, decides to send them to prison for life, but the archmage Zavkiel arrives.

After that incident everyone in town acts strange towards Regret, as if his father was the only ssummary keeping them civil towards him. Color suddenly flooded my senses, letting me see the cave and the person better. Forgot your username or password?

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