Started watching Arrested Development sfter reading this thread. Lots of regular cast members doing main character or one scene roles. Maybe one for the “Would bu shouldn’t” thread? Killian gets electrocuted and winds up in the hospital. In other news, the 4th season premier of Community the second best sitcom in the history of television has been postponed indefinitely. Watched the first episode of Strike Back last night – very much In the mould of spooks – fight scenes were a bit weak but I’ll give episode 2 a go

Another program from David Simon and not so different from the Wire in terms of the politics etc. Watching Alcatraz and Suits at the moment. Yes, contains spoilers so highlight to read: Chalk up another one for The Sopranos. I’m not very hungry truth be told. Just watched this properly weird thing called tall hot blonde about this weird fake online relationship that led to a murder – was a bit like that catfish thing Only in America!! Benzel on Friday, September 21, ,

I think I recalled really liking series 2, I’m sure it was 3, maybe 4 – I’m not entirely sure – where I became very bored. Maybe it’ll improve, it will need to. Ingrid realizes a little too late just how dangerous obsession can be. I seriously think I could make a better show. Simon Pieman on Wednesday, August 22, I don’t have very high hopes though as I have an extremely low tolerance and opinion of Eoisode Abrams style.

I’ll be putting the rest in my planner.

ProjectFreeTv is the bomb! I watched the first season of Warehouse 13 and quietly enjoyed it. Watched a great episode last night S.


Ross Kemp is back in Afganistan on Monday Sky 1, 9pm. Been re-watching Arrested Development. Bewster on Friday, October 12, Simon Pieman on Tuesday, September 18, I’d heard the rumours of Netflix picking it up but didn’t realise they had and were already filming.


I’ve so wanted to watch this from the start, but have never got around to it. That show would work so much better on at Celeb Juice’s timeslot when he can be properly crude.

Witches of East End season 1 episode 6 s1e6

A bit – one of those programmes that will be on in the background while I am playing Football Manager. Characters need a bit of work though. Anyone else watch the new Red Dwarf? So he’s obviously faked his death, but we’ll have epjsode wait and see how It’s about a colonial solider who saves the life of a native and to show her gratitude she makes him immortal. I like a good creepy horror film.

Old pictures found by Ingrid and Faye’s discovery at the Fair Haven estate get the girls wondering about the uncanny recurrence of features in their lives. You could pinpoint exactly where they knew they weren’t getting another season, and from then on shit just seemed to happen for no reason.

Retrieved November 26, Tuneplus slightly disappointed with The Fades. Got to the end of the Sopranos box set I got for Chrimbo this week. I’ve got it recorded. Eddie Izzard seems to get better and better as an actor. Chase has been reduced to bits and pieces but I’m sure dear old Chevy has only himself to blame as history proves he’s a bit of a knobhead. But its quite the opposite isn’t it.

Freya uses a beacon spell to gather Dash and Killian for a dinner evening, but it doesn’t go as well as she hopes. Holds the world record for most swear edn in a TV program. Batch on Friday, September 21, Nice to see Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad getting another good role.

Ingrid gives in to her feelings for Adam moments before the curse kills him. Couldn’t get into it on the box last night at all though. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.


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Louis Theroux is back tonight on BBC, might be worth a watch, usually is. Not a bad thing if you pull it off, but they didn’t yet. I suppose Breaking Bad is the thing that everyone goes on about so should give that a try, but I dunno it just doesn’t grab me although I base that on knowing nothing about it Thanks for the suggestions though: He’s just getting up tuheplus crazier and crazier shit which is even more unbelievable and tubepkus too predictable.

He needs the ability to be absolutely filthy for this to grow some entertainment value. Wrong thoughts, very wrong thoughts.

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Bathtime on Thursday, July 12, tubepls, Honkytonk on Monday, July 23, I’ve gotten into the big bang theory thanks to my mother in law, i love it, very funny. Hard to find though as it was on shitty MTV. Oooh I totally forgot about Southland. I managed to find a decent stream for Breaking Bad and watched pretty series 4 and the first half of series 5 while at work.

Big Bang Theory started off good but got boring very quickly, nothing ever seems to happen, it’s the same old shite every episode, it’s about time they pulled the plug on it. Thought it was half decent dast.