Keep it the same, yet cut it in half. Toward the end of the trailer [1] , the Japanese names for two of the boards the mountain one and the space one are shown. I looked some where once and I saw that it would be released on November Now, BPP is taking up too much space by stretching across the entire bottom, with most of it being an empty background. There is one more thing I should mention before this passes. This doesn’t need a talk page proposal.

February 5, I will use my computer to translate the names. Yoshi the SSM talk There have been many edits regarding the layout of the boards columns. It is not fine. Personally, I liked it when it matched the game’s layout.

Proposed layout is not great in my opinion; too much empty space; might be a better idea to stack the ratings underneath the description. February 5, Personally, I liked it when it matched the game’s layout. Not to mention, good web designers try to avoid as much horizontal scrolling as possible when designing websites, because horizontal scrolling barely, if ever works at all when it comes to displaying text-based information, because information gets ridiculously hard to read when it’s horizontal scrolling.

Please do not edit any of the sections in the proposal. And I cannot fix this because the page is protected. If there are any comments or suggestions to be made to my proposed table, I’d love to hear them.

Mario Party 9 – Launch Break

For example, what good would come from creating a Setback Shell page? That style looked better and more professional, since it matched the menu and no one board was taking up too much space. Rosalina is on the gameboard of the box art though of course she was seen on the side of the space themed rocket jet race but still she’s on the game board.


Oh ok, Wiiriketopday just new at episodde. It represents the best of the best that the Super Mario Wiki has produced. I think that he is, no signs of him in any minigames or boards Does this count as trivia?

The preceding unsigned comment was added by Luigifan talk. Make any sense to you? Also, the information in the boxes are not too squished so that shouldn’t be a problem.

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The table on your user page is not finished. Should we make an article for the bubble clone?

How do I change it to say WarioWare at the end? The preceding unsigned comment was added by Yoshi the SSM talk I’ll keep looking around to see wiiriketopraj I can find anything. I say that because I do not have privileges to upload the image, and I think it would be useful for the gallery, as the game is about to leave on 20 March. If this vertical scrolling wiiruketopray a problem for here, then it might as well be the central problem for the entire wiki Mario Party: This talk page or section has a conflict or a question that needs to be answered.

The dates for games which have them are shown in the smaller boxes above. The layout I’m proposing is currently a standard that we use across multiple articles in this wiki because it actually worksthat’s why it’s even a standard in the first place. I havnt played every mario party game but this is the only iv played so far that needs you to have 2 human players play with you for 1 specific board.


Talk:Mario Party: Island Tour

The article is a work in progress, but by the time we reach the characters section, things look ugly. Play your cards right to be the first player to reach the goal! Watcher of Game talk.

For desktop users, a longer vertical scrolling in the mobile user’s advantage is only a minor inconvenience at worst. Current layout is indeed very bad and I’m not fond at all of the inconsistent width that gives undue prominence to the Perilous Palace Path cell.

Jufemia li Britannia Boards are confirmed to seven, last board isn’t jungle-themed board. If you wish to discuss the article, do so in a new header below the proposal.

pparty When editing on this talk page, please remember to sign your edits with [[User: Well if they’re not playable, then why are they on the box art that wouldn’t make sense and I agree, Bowser Jr.