Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. This is what happens in real life too. Our heroes which includes Kamal.. Kamal Haasan, Mohanlal, Venkatesh Daggubati. Two brothers separated at birth meet as adults and settle old scores with the killers of their father. Amudhan explains that they had developed a habit of killing from childhood itself. Somewhere down the line Gautum seems confused about what the extensions rapes, murders are and what the mainstay story is!

I won’t blame Kamal here because he sort of dropped a hint in a recent interview with cartoonist Madan on Vijay TV. The primary reason for these flaws is that the first half of the story is shown through the eyes of an investigating police officer and, the second half is shown through the eyes of serial killer. Menon first discussed the script of Pachaikili Muthucharam with Kamal Haasan, and the actor asked him to develop it into a script within forty days. Then, things are starting to happen all of a sudden in Kamal’s favor and an incident happens which is similar to what happened before Prakashraj’s daughter’s murder. Add the first question. What do I say Kamal’s and Jyothika’s performance almost mask the jarring flaws of other lead characters. I think it’s been purposefully taken like that.

The movie may fuull go down well with children and women for its content and violence. US does not even sends an investigating team to India. Kamal Haasan, Sukanya, Manisha Koirala. Archived from the original on 1 January Songs are hummable and foot tapping.

A still from Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu. One fact that bugged the hell out of me was that the identity of the killers is revealed even before intermission there goes my hope of out guessing the director.

As a result, Kamal Haasan wanted to quit the project but Menon convinced him to stay on as they had taken advance payments. Abhiman 29 August Instead of keeping the murder mystery till the very end with a “whodunit?

As they wait in line for customs, Raghavan proposes to Aradhana, but she refuses, saying she is not ready for another relationship, having just finalised her divorce, and wishes fuol focus on being a good mother to her daughter first.


Harris Jeyaraj too joins Kamal for the first time The movie has crossed really hard hassles until it started blasting on the silver screen and took the audience on a whirl. Then, he did ‘Kaakka Kaakka’, again a real mind blaster and one of the superb cop movies in Tamil, ever made! Our heroes which includes Kamal. The “Most Anticipated Mkvie Movies and Shows” widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

Top Rated Indian Movies 2 wins. Don’t compare it with ‘Kakka kaakka’ or ‘ Kurudhippunal’.

Nevertheless, “Vettiyadu Villaiyadu” is worth watching once at least for Kamal. Kamal as DCP goes to Newyork to investigate the case where he meets Aradhana who’s facing a broken marriage and has got a baby.

It fits in perfectly. A father and son help each other through growing up, romance, tragedy, and adventure. Thus, second half becomes very predictable. Photon Kathaas Ondraga Entertainment.

His marriage to Mythili Simran disintegrates after a series of misunderstandings.

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It was a surprise when I came to know that VV is releasing on Friday. Amudhan explains that they had developed a habit of killing from childhood itself. Then, things are starting to happen all of a sudden in Kamal’s favor and an incident happens which is similar to what happened before Prakashraj’s daughter’s murder. With Raghavan’s assistance, the police eventually find Rani’s body in the outskirts of the city. Retrieved 13 October A neurodivergent individual escapes the family he despises and the asylum he is kept in by creating fantasies.

You’ve all probably seen similar Murder mysteries in Hollywood but nothing similar can easily be found in Indian Cinema. Good Movies which I saw. The movie contains a fair amount of violence, blood and gory scenes.

Also, he should avoid close romantic sequences going forward. Well, that is not my problem, I guess. Its a very different approach followed by the director.


He also wrote a classic serial killer in the mould of Movei of the Lambs and Seven into the script to feature as the antagonist. Now, to be frankI really loved it just for it’s technical brilliance alone. All tracks written by Veturi Sundararama Murthy. Rani does not come home.

Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu ( film) – Wikipedia

The story revolves around an honest cop, for whose dedication dear ones pay with their lives, leading to a no-holds barred hunt for the bad guys. Three months later, Raghavan learns that Arokiya Raj and his wife have been brutally murdered in New York. On the flight, he reminisces about his late wife Kayalvizhi, who was murdered by a local gang in an attempt to get to him.

He said something like, “Tamizh Cinema’la Photography, Editing’la namba munnera’na maadri Screenplay, Direction, Acting’la innum namba munnera’la” Tamil Cinema has grown in terms of Photography and Editing, but we have hardly improved, when it comes to Screenplay, Direction and Acting”.

Movle is an amazing actor who has marked his foot steps in the sands of time forever. To even imagine that teenagers and kids are going to be watching this movie in the theater and kind of picture it is bound to paint in their minds are certainly not pretty. It is hard to find any goofs in this film though I noticed two. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Tamil movies are catching up with them. Good Movies which I saw. Two brave police officers infiltrate a terror group in order to bring it down.

During their flight, Aradhana explains that she has a daughter who is vi,ayadu with her parents in Chennai and she feels guilty for being selfish and wanting to commit suicide.

Those jarring noises are really a painto hear.