Are You The Rabbit? Sookie and Eric went to high school together. What happens when they do? Rated M for language and mature content. M – English – Chapters: He’s always known where you were.

But flashes from his mind tell her to be careful. Will she accept the life before her, or will she leave it all behind? I should know, I shaped most of it. Find out in this sequel. She realizes she has to take control of her life or else. New family, new enemies, new lovers. No beta yet, so please be gentle. She finds herself dragged deeper into the supernatural world, in ways she didn’t imagine.

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Not her parents or Adele? Two girls, Two boys; What more could you want? The vampire understands how to survive in my world, he sees the potential threat in every word and action. Will she ever find courage to rise above the ordinary and find something extraordinary? An attempt to answer some questions raised at the end of the book.

Will Sookie be able to take back control of her life? Sookie’s whole life fell apart after Tara died. All lemons will be posted in chapters of a companion story. As soon as Bill tells Sookie that Eric is gone, her only thought is to find him. Sookie develops more powers, a prophecy and ES lemons.


Dead Before Drama by Scarlett Jane reviews Takes place in a world where vampires have not come out of the coffin. Seeking out the local Vampire Sheriff for help, on Fintans insistence where will this leave our powerful Faery? Can they help each other and learn to work together?

Could become M rated. Rated M for adult content. Sookie wishes for a life free from the supernatural, but her origins, duties and feelings make it impossible to leave. Meanwhile, she notices an attraction between Eric Northman, her friend and her second in command, and the Telepath.

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He has gorgeous blonde hair that was a similar shade to mine;he also has amazing blue eyes that caught mine. Retrieved 5 July Miss I Northman 5. In turn Sookie leaned on the counter between them, closing the distance that remained.

She’s determined to start living her life to the fullest despite the skeletons in her closet. Seris Go by stephie reviews It is a retelling of the books after the Longshadow incident if Sookie hadn’t have left with Bill. What if they finally figure out what they would be willing to do for Remembered Love?

Determination and love has kept them together. The Queen chose a much more ideal vampire to watch over Sookie. Who does she turn to when trouble finds her? Wherever You Will Go by alyanne reviews Sookie spends a day tending to Gran’s grave and gets a message from beyond. Tara gets Sookie to go up for auction in order to raise money for the people who are still struggling to find their feet after hurricane Katrina when she’s bought by serkes handsome and arrogant vampire called Eric.


Slightly AU, more like Alternate Timeline. When she worried he was overmedicating and tried to read his thoughts, he told her to butt out of his mind.

Turn back time by rhia reviews What if when sookie’s parents died she was put in the system and now she’s looking for the family she lost. It’s filled with letters he wrote to her while they were apart. Told from multiple POV’s.

Eric will be dark in later chapters. How will these star crossed lovers survive when evil lurks everywhere? Sookie finds herself in need of help with only Eric to turn to.