Enraged, Selvam decides to take the matter in his own hands. Thiruttu Payale 2 Theatrical Release Poster. Manickam blackmails Roopini and extracts money from her whenever he needs. Manickam hands over the money to Rosy’s stepmother and asks Rosy to come to the airport next day. Balki starts threatening Agal to sleep with him. Selvam goes to meet Balki’s estranged father to get his help to bring down the sociopath.

He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle Manohar Vinod Raj , who lives in Chennai. With the help of a private detective, he gets the complete details of Balki and confronts him. Retrieved from ” https: Selvam goes to meet Balki’s estranged father to get his help to bring down the sociopath. Bharadwaj, Sudesh Bhosle , Rajagopal. The climax shows Sivaraj killing Ramesh and Manickam fighting the goons sent by Sivaraj and reaching the airport, somehow only to be killed by Sivaraj. If he does not key in his secret password within a specific time period on a day-to-day basis, the data will be leaked automatically, tarnishing both Selvam’s personal and professional life. Once, while Manickam is watching people playing golf, he notices Roopini Malavika and Ramesh Abbas having an illicit relationship.

Roopini is the wife of a rich businessman named Sivaraj Manoj K. Both Selvam and Agal pretend to be nice to him in order to rhiruttu their own secrets while Balki enjoys himself tormenting them.

Naughty thief [2] is a Tamil thriller film written and directed by Susi Ganesan. One day, Selvam is instructed to tape the incoming and outgoing calls from the house of a high-ranking official. Eventually, Vivek nor Robo Shankar were seen in the film. However, he comes to realize that he is never rewarded for his honesty and starts tracing the calls of other members of the elite class that has not been assigned to him.

Manickam hands over the money to Rosy’s stepmother and asks Rosy to come to the airport next day. The film features music composed by Vidyasagarwhile Thiruttj Mohammad was the editor. This page was last edited on 31 Decemberat As he is about to corner her, he falls unconscious, allowing Agal to escape.


The film’s music thjruttu composed by music director, Bharathwaj. Rascal and Aadu Aata Aadu respectively. Retrieved from ” https: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Realizing that his superior is manipulative, he threatens to leak their secret conversations unless they leave him alone. He falls in love with her.

Despite being a topper at his engineering college, Balki spends most of his time with seducing various young and married women through Facebook.

All went well until when Rosy’s stepmother comes to know about this relationship and asks Manickam for a thiruytu if he wants to marry Rosy.

Balki starts threatening Agal to sleep with him. Sadhana SargamReshmi, Amalraj. There, he happens to meet Rosy Sonia Agarwal.

Ulagam Piranthathu Enakaga- Thiruttu Poonai Song

It is then revealed that after Balki’s father met with Selvam, he finally convinced his son to allow the old man to live with him, albeit as a servant. However, Selvam’s Benami is shown mysteriously dead but is actually killed by the private detective Susi Ganeshan to loot all the property amassed by Selvam.

Satellite rights of the film were sold to Zee Tamil. Jayanwho is Ramesh’s best friend. Selvam ignores all of Balki’s phone calls and instead takes Pooai to the resort for a short vacation. He soon realizes that Balki is a sociopath who seduces women. Selvam’s Benami has invested all the money they have looted so far on the construction of a luxurious holiday resort in LangkawiMalaysia. To acquire the same, he again uses the cassette for the final time, but Sivaraj comes to know about it. Thinking he would get into trouble, Selvam is instead congratulated by his superior for putting fear in movje officials and preventing them from ever misusing their privilege any further.

He erases all of the stolen data and saves everyone. Films directed by Susi Ganeshan. Tamil-language films films Indian hhiruttu Films about adultery in India Indian thriller films Films scored by Bharathwaj Tamil films remade in other poonaai.


During one such tapping, Selvam comes across a conversation between the official’s wife and her secret lover, Balakrishnan, or “Balki” Prasanna. He is upset, and just at that time, Roopini makes a phone call and tells him that Rosy was sent by her only to woo Manickam and demands that if he needs Rosy, he needs to hand over the cassette to her.

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Meanwhile, he moovie a computer hacker he knows break into Balki’s home to hack into his Swiss account. EngvarB from January Use dmy dates from January Articles containing Tamil-language text Articles containing explicitly cited English-language text Articles with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover. The story gets rolling once he decides to come and stay with Manohar at Chennai.

While Selvam is away, Balki breaks into their holiday suite and tries to rape Agal. At the same time, Balki is infuriated that Selvam is ignoring him and comes to the resort to confront him. Balki reveals that he had already expected Selvam to confront him and he has already hacked Selvam’s personal computer and stolen all the details of the tapping and evidences Selvam has collected so thirutru.

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He also realizes that Balki is tormenting him for fun and is not serious about leaking the rest of the files. Selvam goes to meet Balki’s estranged father to get mpvie help to bring down the sociopath.

To provoke Selvam even further, Balki leaks a tapping of the assistant police commissioner in order to get Selvam into trouble. Selvam and Thiruttj return to India to make the final arrangements before they immigrate overseas.

Manickam Jeevanbelongs to a poor family in a village.

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