I share nearly all of Sorkin’s views on the subject, and in my own mind, hearing Will call them the American Taliban during his show resonated in a way that made me go, “Huh, yeah, there’s maybe some truth to that. Seeing it in the first scene and then using it as the mile marker for all that had come before it Eight Days Earlier, Five Days Earlier, etc. No matter how many times Aaron Sorkin debases the character last week’s pants-putting-on debacle immediately springs to mind , Daniels sells this character far better than he has any right to. Instead, we got glorified clips to show us that Will went after them full force. And what did that show amount to? I loved the scene with Maggie getting soaked by the Sex and the City bus, just like in the series opening.

We know Sorkin can write better than this. I’ll stick around for the second season to see what the writing staff changes did to the show though I remember when an episode if Studio 60 only used the costumes to denote whether an event was in the past of the present. Didn’t he rip off News of the World doing it in real life? Personally I think that it’s sometimes clever, witty, or funny. To you it usually is.

It was focused, tight, and broke down exactly why the laws are complete and utter nonsense. I’ll tune in next season in hopes Sorkin can agree his female characters need tweaking.

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The only actually painfully realistic moment in this episode was Will’s hospital visit. In the end, Will and Mac still have unresolved issues; Jim and Maggie went through an ordeal for falling for each other; Sloane is still single and awkward, so really, these women maybe crazy, but they don’t have blissful lives either, they have to work for it.

There are so many shows out there that celebrate the worst qualities in people, The Newsroom makes me feel a little less cynical, and I think that’s a omline thing. But definitely not as often as the writers think it is. What we knew from last week’s episode preview was that two things in particular would happen. Which honestly speaks to the same problems I had with how the big honking conspiracy against Will played out.

It doesn’t hurt that I’m no Tea Party fan, but it’s more than just the politics. There were times this season that I thought I had enough of this show, with the very prolonged and I think unnecessary love plot lines between Maggie and S01r10, when they had the drawn out Coldplay montage and some of the out of place comedic moments that would fit in to a Two and a Half Men episode.


Olivia Munn is fracking awesome. What it needed to settle, “The Greater Fool” did, albeit in the typically elephantine way this show tends to go about doing things. Olivia has done really well with the little she has been given. I hate the love foursome! Why even insert the tension if you’re barely going to address it? I did not llike the reference to S01e01 and the City.

The tea-party bash fest is completely justified. The envelope just contained a beef stew recipe, a callback to Charlie’s last conversation with his informant. This show has done a pretty good job of making it hard to cheer for any of these people anymore.

The Newsroom – The Greater Fool S01 E10

At the beginning of the broadcast, Will’s takedown of voter ID laws passing in predominantly Republican-controlled state governments was absolutely brilliant. The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Maybe next year, we’ll get the Terry-heavy episode the masses are clearly demanding. What did you think of the finale, and the first season as a whole? Have some patience critics and let this show grow. She’s a wonderful actress, and I really hope Maggie sucks a lot less next season.

And what do you know? The delivery by Daniels was something you just don’t see on news anymore, he cared about what he was saying nwesroom made great points about real world issues that like you said about calling the Tea Party Americas Taliban would never be said on real news, but it has a point and this is the kind of show that should be saying it.

But in tying up its loose ends, “The Greater Fool” managed to, at the very least, turn those problems into reasonably entertaining television. That’s the main point of the show.

Instead, we got glorified clips to show us that Will went after them full force. But with TMI now apparently being shut down, I’m not certain we’re ever going to hear from her again. You have a photo of “The Office” attached to your account – it’s funny that the things you are saying about The Newsroom are the same way I feel about The Office! I love the show. The constant reminders of things that have previously onllne or are currently occurring.

Wztch don’t know if that makes me an idealist, or a masochist. Maybe next season will be better. So I say – Can’t wait for season 2! Fantastic show, I am so glad someone finally puts the American media under the microscope. This is exactly the kind of sound byte-y trash-talking that ideologue news anchors like Sean Hannity and Keith Olbermann use to whip people into a frenzy. Really looking forward to next season, part of me wants Sorkin to tweak it into a show with better relationships and slightly less Tea Party bashing, which I agree with, but The Daily Show’s already joked about most of that stuff but I also really want to see datch a second season of Studio 60 would look ojline, and season 2 of this would be as close as onlkne.


We watch season 1, episode 15 of The West Wing.

I also love comfort food. We watch season 2, episode 9 of The West Wing “Galileo”. Its not just that, it was Will watching the debate on Youtube so we could see the girl again just in case we forgot about her over the course of nine episodes. Okay, now that’s a god damn bewsroom review right there. Will spent much of this week recovering in the hospital and debating whether or not he should even bother to come back to News Tje.

I think he’ll ultimately leave Maggie for Sloan. Still, speaking of this, I am still hoping someone else noticed the “shift”! Who in their right mind would pick Maggie over Sloan?!

Be honest about what you are And Charlie even got their whole conversation—Reese admitting to phone hacking and all—on tape for posterity. Rarely has a show with so much potential seemed so unable to completely make onlinne on that potential. This week there were allusions to her leaving to work at some equity firm, but that was all abandoned at the end of watcy episode with one casual remark. A ragtag group of sportswriters, lawyers, and general policy wonks gather together weekly to discuss the Aaron Sorkin classic “The West Wing, ” one to two episodes at a time.

Does anybody else think that Sorkin pretty much ripped off The Good Wife with Will’s deleted voicemail thing? We watched season 1, episode 6 of The West Wing “Mr.