Many series came after it and were mainly sold in Japan. No matter how big or small, sophisticated or simple, exorbitantly or reasonably priced the accessory might be, it ultimately becomes priceless because of the special feeling it creates. August 25, 0 The journey of Lebanese makers. Its design reflects the creative era of the ‘s. Few men mark their time and Nagib Tabbah Sr. May 29, 0 Karrenn breaks it down. He also had an incredible knowledge of precious stones and pioneered the jewelry industry in a profound way.

These are crafted in a variety of metals and stones including rose gold set with diamonds and rubies. As it turns out: Ever since its founding by Joseph Tabbah in , the Lebanese family-owned jewelry manufacturer House of Tabbah has been offering women exclusive personalized pieces. There are about jewellery masters at House of Tabbah, and they are not afraid of complex tasks, spending all the time it takes to create their masterpieces. Featured August 11, 0. The Saga Watch Tabbah launches the Saga watch. As it turns out, cumbersome labour has no bearing on the cutters, because they are so much motivated by the beauty and harmony of their work. May 29, 0 Talking new cars.

I gave it some thought. A timeless and refined place, blending French elegance and Oriental warmth, dedicated to the Art of High Jewelry.

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House of Tabbah is designing and locally crafting complete prototypes that are later sent to Geneva for execution. The same goes for gemstones. Nasser Al Rashidwho is a celebrated collector of couture and rare jewelry. And sometimes, it is merely an emblem of self-appreciation picked and bought as a gift for oneself. Indeed, House of Tabbah monitors the process in its entirety, as it is one of the few jewelry houses that performs the complete manufacturing process in-house, rather than rely on outsourcing.


They know that we can somehow protect them from the possible mischiefs that usually take place during auctions and get them the best price. Centenary Coin Tabbah commemorates the Centenary with a one-of-a-kind pocket watch inspired by a coin.

Twbbah global hype around this event places Tabbah firmly on the international map of high-end jewelry design. The house’s archives include Nayef’s personal seal and an invoice dating back to Read related articles Gallery. If one of the stones needs re-cutting, it will take over four hours.

Tabbah “Personal, WorldTime” in steel | Passions Watch Exchange – Singapore 2nd Hand Watch Dealer

Then, they need to be able to communicate the design and broader vision to the craftsmen. Send enquiry about featured jewellery. Ever since its founding by Joseph Tabbah inthe Lebanese family-owned jewelry manufacturer House of Tabbah has been offering women exclusive personalized pieces. Nayef Tabbah Joseph’s son Nayef perpetuates the wafch acquired from his father.

Nagib Tabbah Nagib Tabbah Sr. Virtually no other jewellery company does this in order they to save time and labour costs. Being a jeweller is about bringing forth the very best of features, the ones that make each jewel stand out. Joseph’s son Nayef perpetuates the skills acquired from his father.


Tabbah launches the Saga watch.

Having learned the art of engraving printing blocks from his own father, Joseph shows remarkable talent in the engraving and embossing of gold and silver objects and becomes renowned for his delicate filigree work. The presented range of jewelry will allow them to imagine what they can design for themselves.

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Nagib Tabbah produces what has become a priceless family treasure: Charming and delightful his passion was to satisfy his clients.

House of Tabbah works have long received international recognition. The Beret Ring Tabbah launches the Beret ring, which becomes the style icon of a new generation. August 11, 0 Popping bottles.

Featured December 2, October 22, 0 Art in the Instagram wathc. He established the values of the House of Tabbah that continue to live on to this day. Characters such as the Divine Serpent and Kiss Me rings become huge hits and continue to define the Garden of Eden collections today.

The Saga Watch Tabbah launches the Saga watch.