She says women are like vines who need walls so they can be visible and be accepted in the world. When she is distressed, they fly and whirl around her like a storm. That scene gives you goosebumps. Mahira has a natural grace under fire probably why the acid-throwing angle seemed more implausible than ever and a commanding presence that is a sight to watch as it shakes and is thrown out of its loop. Even God would want a person to have their dignity in a terrible situation. Perhaps the audience are supposed to be appreciating the mystery here, but it just ends up mystifying them.

She buys some newspapers from a street child when moments later she sees him hit a car and get seriously injured. There is one instance that consistently happens throughout major dramas and it is this one instance that bothers me to no end every time: That it is all happening because the universe is trying to teach arrogant Falak a lesson? Learn how your comment data is processed. Now both these scenarios are possible, since there are many men in our society who are unaware of how to love a human being. The play also assumes that people who are rich are not humanists or give charity.

Even if the writer had some problems with the production house or the director she should not have told everyone about it by putting it on her epieode page. Not too great for logic because: Tabinda is feeding Salman food and Falak is simply staring at the two of them.

They are also taught to worship their husbands and leave behind or shed their own personalities just to please their significant others.


One of them being how we treat domestic helpers. She speaks to her servant Imam Din and realizes the number of difficulties they live through each day and still are able to remain grateful. A period of time later, Falak and Salman go out for dinner.

Falak shakes him off and leaves. Nani approves but Falak gets angry.

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Falak confronts her mother zat their treatment of domestic servants and vents out her anger at her mother. There are many religious people who hurt others and make lives miserable for others. He is more flippant than usual and often loses his temper with Falak. I am sure there are many, many talented actors out there who would love to share a screen moment, no matter how small, with major actors in a prime time television play. Logically or rationally speaking, she would not be attracted to a man who treats her terribly.

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Falak is searching for zazt jewelry but cannot find it. This site uses cookies. To the audiences he continues to be the sculpture. Falak is becoming increasingly obsessed with Salman Ansar. He speaks in coherence and with logic. This time we see that the writer is defending a painting.

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In one scene, yells at Falak then apologizes. There will be comeuppance, nothing exists without the color of karma. Shehsr is a man with standard good looks, a kind face and a soft voice — someone who could have played the left-behind best friend beautifully and evoking a lingering empathy from the audiences.

Later, Salman calls her and rages about this. It is, after all, the man she created.


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Fortunately for Umera, Mahira possessed a certain finesse and charm that stopped that scene from becoming a complete cringe-fest. Be careful what you wish for, God is watching. Falak throws away the statue she once made of him.

In episkde original text, the story reads more plainly and the story sees Falak more as a raving lunatic giving religious lessons than a girl with real thoughts and ideas and as someone who begins to understand the lesson of selflessness and humanity through experience and effort. Ahmad often forgets the difference and thence her female protagonists, especially, seem to be in as much conflict as she herself.

She attempts to reach out to him but her mother stops her and takes shshar back home.

She seems to be a variant of her mother, who is a beautiful but rich, snobby socialite who wears lots of makeup and designer clothes and is always yelling at her servants. One of the greatest favors Mahira does to Falak is not do a weepy Falak. What exactly does she like about him?

This dichotomy xhehar of bigotry as well. In an unfortunate accident, Falak loses her first child in an early miscarriage. She is uninhibited and wildly emotive.