After you dispatch the enemies in the room, grapple up through the vent in the ceiling. After completing Riddler’s 1st option challenge, Mental Blocked. You can look at your A. Knocking an enemy into these fences will instantly KO him. This DLC mission becomes available while Lucius Fox is analyzing the datachip from Barbara , looking for her location. Star Citizen Composer Interview: View Image view List view. The second ending definitely seems like the proper ending.

You’ll need to move the green lines to cover the exclamation points as quickly as possible. Fire the Batmobile weapons at Level 4. Press to smash his face and use his eyeball to log into the computer. Challenge menu provides you with many options that are not available from within the game, such as attempting the challenge with a different character or vehicle. Earn 16, points for 3 stars. You’ll earn 1 Waynetech Upgrade point for each of the three officers, and an additional 3 points from subduing the Mad Hatter. Use the forensic scanner and scan the 4 blood stains on the wall to determine which switches the assassin pressed before she died.

When you’ve heard enough preaching and feel that your soul is saved, climb the fence and confront the cultists. There are a lot of enemies, but having disabled the weapon chests, this fight should be fairly easy.

Batman Arkham Knight Mad Hatter Most Wanted Mission “Wonderland” Season of Infamy 1080p

You have to be over a road to call the Batmobile. You can go tell your friends how many rival points you have so that they will think you’re super cool. Once there, Natter will have to defuse a bomb by playing a simple minigame on one of Batman’s gadgets.


Batman will take a sample of the Lazarus material, and load the fountain with explosive gel. Call the Batmobile while gliding high in the air. You must have the gadgets while gliding batarang, and two other gadgets. A Matter of Family – 8 achievements worth TA. It’s a fun fight that’s not too difficult to beat, but can be extremely fun to try to wallthrough. This is complete bunk.

Batman easily avoids them. Learn to use the new Grapnel Boost that helps you glide farther, and practice basic gliding techniques.

MAD HATTER – Season of Infamy Batman Arkham Knight Complete Walkthrough Gameplay

I have personally earned several trophies while working on A. Remember, you need to use 3 different gadgets. The bonus DLC missions exclusive to the Playstation 4, in hztter missions you race through one of the islands as quickly as you can, then face seaskn in a battle against a giant Scarecrow and a bunch of drones.

If you’re still having problems, you just need to practice. Billy has been rustling Jimmies for years covering video games, technology and digital trends within the electronics entertainment space.

To reach Deacon Blackfire, you have to power down the four generators directly below him to stop the electric current running through the fence around him. Therefore, your goal should be to destroy 36 drones before taking a hit. Completing the first challenge and then reaching Miagani will not unlock the second challenge.

Players will follow the trail of blood all the way to the roof of Elliot Memorial Hospital. They are designed to give you an opportunity seeason hone your skills and improve your ability. Apparently these guys look down on people coming late for the sermon, because they all attack you when you enter the area.


Batman Arkham Knight: Season of Infamy DLC – Wonderland Walkthrough (Mad Hatter)

Head through the door into the morgue. Attempting you train you for training missions is a bit redundant. Training missions become available fairly early in the game, and do not require any in game action to unlock them. Enter your office to confront Hush, who holds Lucius Fox at gunpoint. It’s a fun race, though. The mission is nearly 10 minutes longer than any other mission in the Season of Infamy. If you don’t unlock this by the end of the game, you can fulfill the requirement inside of a combat A.

After og silent takedown on this lone goon, hop into the floor grate and follow it to the sason where you threw the smoke bomb.

Batman: Arkham Knight Season Of Infamy Gameplay Walkthrough – One Angry Gamer

You’ll earn another Waynetech point. Challenges can be accessed from within the game. The in game A.

You’ll need to progress to a certain point in the story, and then an unlock condition will be shown.