Eric, it turns out, is also secretly in love with the bride-to-be. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. All the male actors have such nice voices…. October 24, at Awakening after a month, she pretends to also lose her memory. Since she did, Xu Zi Qian’s emotions become more violent, to the point where his naturally kind and gentle-hearted personality becomes harsh and unkind. Shhhhh on July 28, , October 14, at 1:

Wish to make this world more beautiful and want to be a strong woman that can depend on herself to face life.. Hen Mei Li – Lu Wen The story is very similar to a Korean Drama, Save the last dance for me. October 16, at Kalo remake dari p. Deep down, Jun Hao actually has a nice side to his personality, though it is not seen at work where he must be fierce in such a competitive world.

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Say hi to my brother’s laptop here. When this is revealed to Xu Zi Qian and her ill-ridden mother, the mother dies of a heart-attack.

December 16, at 6: From there, the family tells him that he is Tian Yu’s distant cousin who was brought there illegally and is now in hiding. He is the one that created the name Dang Ou while Jun Hao taiwsn having amnesia.


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Ever since they were young, his parents brought him up with the ideology that he and Yun Xi were to marry each other. February 23, at 5: October 19, at 9: I prefer the sub mains then the main characters, i think they can portary the character better than the mains: October 2, at 4: She dramx up meeting and falling for idol Eric Jones Xu.

Shi Ying Teoh says: November 9, at I also need to know the title of the background melody played on Chapter 26 when Tang Yan is trying to clean the wine stain on the documents. October 4, at Hi there, Merry Christmas to you: Keep up the good work!!! April 6, at October 13, at 5: October 2, at 6: I really like this drama.

Just finished this series! She’s smart and beautiful, and always tries to please Shan Jun Hao. Rifera Cabin Crew Keong: Both are currently mentally and emotionally unstable, but Zi Qian, seeing Yun Xi in her state, gets more angry at Senwell and blames them for this. Love this show a lotWakihg song is also very nice!

September 18, at Yup kalau remake Frog Prince harusnya bagus ni Xu Zi Qian was adopted by the Shan family after a mysterious gas explosion kills his father and leaves his mother in a comatose state.

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Next, he schemed to use the truth of Zi Qian’s parents’ mysterious death in order to win control of Senwell. October 10, at 9: Lofe March 28, at Follow Me via Email.

Wah ada Wen Sheng Hao anw, gue ga gt suka sih sm ceweknya hahaha, abisnya image QE main di frog prince msh gimana gt haha. Much like Kdrama capitalising on beautiful Korean temperate country landscape. Tziwan is deeply love with Fan Yun Xi and cares for her deeply; whenever Yun Xi is upset, he always makes her smile her by giving her a piece of her favorite candy.

They are the best. October 21, at 4: January 7, at 9: December 27, at 6: Logged Shhhhh Chingu Keong: