Extreme angler, Jeremy Wade, is on the hunt for freshwater fish with a taste for human flesh. Feeling outgunned due to this handicap, Wade soon finds himself locked in combat with the largest arapaima he has ever caught. Fishing for sturgeon , Wade soon faces what may be the biggest fish he’s ever caught although this episode was shot before “Death Ray”, which features his biggest catch in this season. He investigates the possibility of the monster being a pike or a beluga whale , but none would match the description. However, when Wade talks to him about the attack on the snorkeller, he says that it would not be possible for a fish as large as a Black marlin to enter water that shallow. Check back at 11pm for our thoughts on the season finale of River Monsters, season 4.

However while holding the Payara, his other rod takes off. While fishing for a possible food source, Wade makes an unusual discovery. Retrieved from ” https: The fish had the same description as the previous sightings, but this fish was encountered in fresh water. It was also the longest fight Wade ever had with a fish The second longest being the Short-tail river stingray in the episode, “Silent Assassin”. Chernobyl, home of the worst nuclear accident in history. After watching the intro it appears he is just going for an all around catch.

Jeremy Wade experienced a blood-sucking parasite clamped onto his bare skin last season. As he researches the incidents, however, Jeremy hears from many people who have heard the arapaima rumours but none who have actually seen it.

Venturing to a country he’s never been to before, to face a fish mosters never heard of before, Jeremy travels to this river to find the killer: The only way to do this is to put himself on the menu. Wade talks to some people on the island, and figures out where a man lives who had an extraordinary encounter. He investigates this and other stories to determine if the piranha really deserve its reputation and what exactly triggers a feeding frenzy.

TV River Monsters S01E06 Amazon Flesh Eaters – video dailymotion

In the aftershow of the episode, “Volcanic Island Terror”, Wade said that while filming this episode, he hooked a Yellowfin tuna that took around six hours to bring in.


Dorado are powerful predators, but Pahara does not believe that they could be responsible for the passengers that were killed during the Laconia Incident.

He hand lines fishes with a local man who lands a Peacock bass Cichla Temensis with nothing but line and lure. When he hooks his first fish, it easily throws the hook.

Jeremy follows reports of attacks in rivers near the most populated shores of Australia to find out why and how far these fish swim upstream. And he is told that the victim’s husband called her, causing her to move her head above the surface and remove her goggles, which may have protected her.

Jeremy even places his hand on this large reptile’s tail. There, Jeremy finds that these river monsters have no fear of man, and faces a potential maneater. He had once travelled there, only to catch nothing.

Jeremy Wade catching a Vampire Fish on River Monsters Season 5

Throughout the years this fish was in the centre of humanity’s misunderstanding. The final fish of the show will without a doubt be an Arapaima Gigas, as Jeremy fishes a Black Caiman heads over to investigate him while sitting in a small canoe.

SnakeheadWallago leeriiArapaimaGiant snakeheadpig, Monitor lizard Wallago Sareng catfish Jeremy learns of the mysterious deaths of two men on Malaysia ‘s remote Lake Kenyir. After receiving a report of a diver being brutally attacked, Jeremy Wade travels to Brokopondo Reservoir in the remote jungles of Surinamewhere he interviews the victim and hears his idea of the culprit.

He discovers a new candidate: After securing permission to fish in the river from the village elders, Jeremy waits for hours, payada into the night, and eventually catches the confirmed killer, which is indeed the giant marbled eel.

Their information brings Jeremy new reports regarding just how aggressive the tapah is, and leads him to a spot deep in an monstere jungle where he hopes he will get another chance to battle the elusive fish. Journeying with a team of biologists who can legally catch the fish for research, Jeremy sets out to catch pxyara may be the last of these monstrous fish.

Bull sharks are salt water fish that have an unusual ability to tolerate freshwater, but are there other sharks with this same ability?

River Monsters – Season 4 Episode 9 – Lair of the Giants

In this special episode, Jeremy charts the journey that has taken him from freshwater rivers into the heart of the big blue and revisits the extraordinary and deadly monsters he has encountered along the way.


She later gave birth to two pups while being examined by Wade and a team of biologists.

I must have that!!!! Wade learns from the scientists that this is the first time a Six-Gilled Shark has ever been tagged in this region. Reports claim it grows 20 feet long and is responsible for the disappearance of many fishermen. The name of this fish is the ” Cookie Cutter Shark. Wade also finds more recent reports of mysterious enormous sharks being hauled up by large ships in this region.

Wade uses a lump of dead fish as bait once in the brackish water, and gets a strong take. The season finale delivered about 1. Epiode is fishing in the vicinity of large seals and potential Snoek, so any fish struggling on the end of a line would be a choice target for these predators. This version of the episode was monsterd released in home media.

Wade joins a team of eipsode attempting to catch this enormous animal.

His battles with them have drawn blood, nearly ripped off his arms and become obsessions. After catching a sixgill shark, the biggest fish Jeremy has ever caught, he follows it down to the deep to see it in its natural habitat.

A bit unnerving I am sure, he splashed it using his paddle which seemed to work in scaring the Caiman away. As this goes against his previous findings on piranha behaviour, Jeremy suspects that there must be some introduced predator in the river system that is making the piranha turn to man-eating tendencies.

He then has one of his longest battles yet in a foot powered raft using a fly rod in a remote river with a pound tarpon. After fishing it out, Wade makes a startling discovery that could possibly explain three men dying at once.