I hope I won’t have to wait several eps. On Yeon Woo’s side, she rejected Yang Myung, and told him to simply accept her feelings of gratitude. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Oh, how I wish I were fluent in Korean so I can read the novel because the story sounds beautiful. It looked like she was watching Woon. Thanks for recap GF! Agreed, it’s still good, but personally, there is not much that pulls me towards this any further, shut up flower boy band is now my new favourite. As the eclipse ends and the sun reappears, Hwon comes to a conclusion:

He takes one step out the door when Jan-shil comes running up to ask for his help. How did that move the plot forward? Log in No account? Witness the fury of a possessed consummation chicken hell-bent on revenge! The one from Mediumquality is around mb and the one from DoramaX ranges from mb to mb. Wol finally stepped it up as an interesting character in this episode, after being rather placid and frustratingly passive for a while. The body remained warm for hours, although the doctor had confirmed that her pulse had stopped.

The deal is basically this: God must be giving me this pain I feel now be for a reason. Oh epdram, will something interesting, unexpected, or meaningful happen already?

Episode 14

In Princess’s Man, no “evil” person was actually evil. I can’t really see much affection there, at least not on Yang-myung’s part e. Thanks for recap GF!

Haha, kinda dmbracing that they were talking about a non-existent spirit because Yeon Woo was still alive and well. Only registered users can add comments. I am getting a bit impatient. I feel like it took them 7 episodes just to figure out that they feel an attachment to each other and now within 10 minutes they’re already drowning in “their love” before either of them admits that anything is there.


She screams and throws her vanity chest from her, cutting her hand on broken glass. Ehh, I don’t really like this scene koon I feel the same way as Nok Young does!

I mean if that was me, I would barely have any strength to keep a straight face. But then the royal officers hand off Wol to new hands, accompanied by a bribe.

Cast – The Moon Embracing the Sun. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe I am starting to not like the King all the much – at least I am losing interest in him It feels a little like we skipped the crucial steps, yunno, like when two lovers realize their feelings and declare them to each other?

Yang Myung prepared for another trip and as he left, Jan Sik came by to tell him about Wol’s capture so that he could be Wol’s alibi, but he hardened his resolve and told Jan Sik that had nothing to do with him.

But I’ll wait and see until the end. I yearn for a lot more love between Hwon and Wol, so far I don’t feel much chemistry between them and I desperately want to see more!!!!!! Episode 4 by Regals. He was stopped by Hyung Sun who reminded him that he’s the King of his people, and that for the best of things, he had gotten to sacrifice one person — Wol. He didn’t want to lose any more people that were precious to him, but even Yang Myung wasn’t safe now — for the ministers would make use of the relationship between him and Wol to eliminate him.

But she thanks him sincerely for treating her like a person, for wanting to take her away from all this.


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They need to keep it going! BTW – is it just me or is Han Ga In’s skin pores very visually obvious in comparison to other actors? Also, I’m really bothered by the fact that the counsel has so much power and that the King barely has any Yeah, I change my views quite quickly.

Quit testing out the waters already, and dive into the deep end! I don’t even find her that hateful like I DO, but not really. Went a bit off-topic there – apparently I have a lot of feelings about this! It’s good that Yeon Woo is back, but it would be better if the King also step up to make some action.

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You will receive a link to create a new password via email. I think the extension is really needed in order to develop the story and so that they could include more character development Episode 12 by LollyPip.

Nok-young shakes her head no, epdramq that in trying to protect Wol, she endangered her. I would like to see more good people show support for the King.

Tree with Deep Roots is one intellectual drama. Everything is starting to reveal itself.