To use it, first advance the film like usual, and cock the self timer by turning the lever as far as you want or it moves – never force it. Ein Monat in Marokko places. The XE-1 can easily make multiple exposures. In addition to these, the focusing can be done by scale-estimating method, metering the distance from the film plane it is marked to the top plate of the camera using some metering device, or by estimating and setting the right distance to the distance scale of the lens. They are located in the bottom of the camera. The XE-1 has not much special in flash photography.

There are mainly two such situations: Release the shutter as normally. It is a very tiny metal button. Then, before advancing the film, turn the multiple exposure lever, located in front of the film advance lever, clockwise until it stops. Stop the rewinding immediately to avoid pulling the film leader inside the cartridge – then you have to open the cartridge in tootal darkness or ask your photo dealer to open it. If it rotates some turns then stops or does not move at all, or if the safe load signal red bar above the exposure counter, only in XE-1 is visible, the camera is loaded.

The rewind crank should also rotate every time you advance the film, if you tightened the film by rewinding the “slack” from the cartridge, as told above. Die Lomographin Amichay Tamar a. Ooh a new Revolog Film, exciting! The mirror will also reset einoegen after film has been advanced in the usual way and the shutter released once.

Read the distance to the subject from the distance scale on the lens, and turn the focusing ring until the point that originally matched the index mark flm the IR focusing mark, marked red minota to the index mark. I also started with the analog Nikon F from my father. Both getting closer to the subject with the same lens or using a longer lens without moving decreases the DOF – using a shorter xs-5 from a given spot increases the DOF compared to a picture shot with a longer lens from the same spot, as well as moving backwards from the subject without changing the focal length of the lens in use.

To use flashbulbs, set the lever to FP position right pictureconnect the cord and proceed as above, but you can use any shutter speed you like – or the automatic exposure. The second white index mark corresponds 10 seconds delay. Minolta Flash Meter VI. I have most of the Eihlegen, Dynax and others. The delay can be set anywhere between them. Please tell us the story behind Revolog. Elnlegen main switch, although well placed and easy to use, is too easy to forget ON – especially if you are also using newer bodies with automatic power cutoff.


The camera exposure metering system is described in detail elsewhere.

Make sure the sprockets fit well to the film cuts. To load the film, open the camera back by lifting the rewind knob on the left side of the top plate standing behind the camera. I also wanted to do the whole process by myself so we built a darkroom in my room. The central part minoota the viewfinder has two areas einlegeb to help focusing.

Actually we were extremely einnlegen when we started our company. The set shutter speed is now shown in the top of the viewfinder, where the A was shown in automatic exposure mode. The hardest part is probably choosing a name. When working on my own projects it starts with writing a concept then organizing all the stuff and the actual shooting is the shortest part of the whole process.

To remove it, push the lens release button on the upper left side of the lens mount, when you are lloking the camera from the back, and turn the lens counter clockwise to align the red dots.

Minolta XE-1 instruction manual, user manual, PDF manual, free instruction manuals

Read any photo literature for more information. But the shutter release is done with a special kind of mechanical cable release that connects to the lens mount of the einoegen unit. Because the camera is rather heavy – especially with heavy lenses – and has no kind of grip available, it is too minoltz to hold the camera such a way that your fingers hold the self timer lever.

If the film does not appear to advance properly, rewind it to the cartridge until you hear it freeing from the take-up spool. When the image in the viewfinder looks sharp, you can estimate the distance to the subject by looking at the distance scale.

Then pull the lens out.

How to use the Minolta XE-1 / XE

Minolta AF Zoom Lenses Remember not to discard the old batteries to the nature but to return them to the camera shop to be einlegeb properly – they are toxic, as all alkaline cells. The XE’s meter is based on CdS cell.


First we come up with an idea of how we would like the pictures to look like. The XE uses full aperture metering to provide a bright viewfinder and short depth of field, which makes the accurate focusing easy. While Vienna is known for being a city of analog photography fans, did you experience any challenges when starting Revolog?

Using old Auto Rokkor lenses or Auto Bellows 1. Bitte logg dich ein, um zu kommentieren. Minolta Auto Winder AW So bekommst du jede Menge Lomo-Liebe direkt in dein Postfach.

Minolta Zoom SLR film is available. The set aperture is shown similarly to automatic mode. Both of these devices work best with lenses having maximum aperture larger than 5. The frame counter may advance although the film does not advance at all – don’t count on it. If it does not light at all, lits unsteady or fades slowly, install new batteries. The right focusing can be determined through the viewfinder by three means.

Minolta X-700 35mm Spiegelreflexkamera nur Gehäuse

Minolta SR-T X – b – b. If the exposure is done manually, the viewfinder shutter is not needed. Minolta electronic flash units. The red dot is there to remind you that you have chosen to make multiple exposures.

Then make at least one extra exposure with above settings, to avoid overlapping frames. This information is delivered via the MC pin, located in the minokta aperture ring.

When the founders of Revolog started working on ways to create special effects film as a college project, little did they know that it would blossom into a full blown international business.

If the lightning conditions are not changing rapidly, this should give correct exposure. With slower lenses or using extension tubes or bellows, the viewfinder gets darker and the central focusing aids might “black out”. The Auto Bellows 3 has different kind of system.