I love JKS’ first solo picture there! Kimi Wa Petto Japanese Drama. Different Cries Korean Special. U look too good in it. PD Yoon hear us please!!! I even checked on Hol Di Gong to see him in Saguek.. Prince is the best person on the earth.

Maybe she backed out? It’s not like they have done anything for which they need to apologize to her or anyone. Seo In Guk Main Cast. The Secret Message Korean Drama. Kim Young Kwang Main Cast. Shimo no Ku Japanese Movie. I think it must have been from one of his CFs back in ? Tada, Kimi wo Aishiteru Japanese Movie.

But it looks pretty? I lived through the 70’s. Bo Tong, for some reason was also not given the chance to be kimchidrsma proper love interest. Summer Nude Japanese Drama. I have seen almost all of his dramas and films, heard all his songs and saw a lot of shows of him already, he captured me from the beginning and continues to mesmerize me.

Besides, this time it was IH that gave up because of SJ. I hope they just give him a break.

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Since then my journey of searching anything about JKS began and when I found this blog, the more I was trapped of his charm. I quite agree with someone who said that there are like 2 different characters wpisode Hana in this drama. Jang Geun Suk Main Cast. I guess there is difference in expectations between Filipino and Korean drama lovers.


He also weighed a bit more and I liked that.


Top Actors Add New Person. SoloJacen November 16, at 8: Full House Korean Drama. I love his hair in the last photo.

Sometimes drama is not far from our real life. I loved The Classic and would rather watch that again since it sounds like it’s the same plot. And the more I was in love komchidrama his performance in Love Rain, and my roommate kept on laughing why I watched the live streaming of Love Rain even if there was no subtitle available. When did koreans start dying their hair? Go Back Couple Korean Drama. Legend Of Fu Yao Episode I love him and admire him very much.

I admire you a lot and I am one of your fan. Chiisana Kyojin Japanese Drama.

She would have rock this. I had nothing against your comment about Jaejoong until you mentioned Ji Sung.

I head there was some buzz with Jung So Min being linked to some drama, because she said she was preparing for one for some time and then the she put “coming soon” on Cyworld not long after Love Rain was announced to start filming soon.

I think she’s like Kim Tae Hee. I really feel sorry for Inha Well Im not sure kimchidrma her acting but tiffany would probably suit the role better in terms of appearance and she would look waay better with jang geun suk. The Royal Gambler Korean Drama. Hello Stranger Thai Movie.


Runway Beat Japanese Movie. No matter what I said about this drama and its casting before, I find 166 stills cute enough that I might watch the first episode mostly for JGS. What country are you coming? Marina November 17, at 7: She Was Pretty Korean Drama.

Plz shine like this always. Flying Colors Japanese Movie. The Last Empress Korean Drama.

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It’s not really a comparison, they were in the same drama Such a great, talented, dashing and handsome actor, singer and model rolled into one. Everybody Kimchi – Episode 3. His sincereness always show who and what he is. Alexx November 16, at I saw somewhere that the series is 24 episodes. Vampire in Love Japanese Movie. Ha Na also grabs kimchidramx hand of Joon. I really don’t know how YH’s blindness is going to play in the relationships. Drama Special Series Season 3: Just sooooo dramatic sounding you know?

From most of the dramas I’ve seen with actors young and old He is one of the top Down With Love Taiwanese Drama. Thumping Spike 2 Korean Drama. My Little Lover Japanese Drama.