I just loved it tremendously. After watching it I saw what a wonderful actor he really is! Sounds to me like someone just did not like the idea of Seyit marrying THE woman he was in love with so they just last minute threw in a Turkish virgin. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Prepare a little more, Riza came. It was a very good historical piece and like others here, it prompted me to do more research on my own. I agree with you, Estella. However, her name was on his dying lips.

Seyit in a difficult position. Don’t you dare to tell me that you gave up on leaving from here, Mehmet. There is an interview he did in English about the movie. The only problem is that your eyes may drift from the words to the male star, who is gorgeously handsome with mesmerizing eyes. This movie has awakened a passion in me that I thought was long gone. I would never say that you go against fathers words.

Kurt Seyit ve Şura

I actually enjoyed it in Turkish, as the guttural inflections in their conversations matched with reading the sub titles added an authenticity.

Got a YouTube account? He is welcome to come to America and make movies here. So much talent and gorgeous to boot! Be sure to grab a copy and leave a review, in hopes that we can get translations of the next books as well, one focusing on Seyit and Murka and the other telling us the story of Shura after Istanbul.

Hi, I just finished watching this most intriguing movies series of Season 1 on Netflix. If I stumble across anything, I will be sure to post it.

Sura was incapable of doing so and became a drama queen. I am so glad that I came upon it as I know I will be watching it many times. I am watching Kurt Seyit and Sura again…Right now…I just saw the light blinking on my phone notifying me of a message and I laughed outloud when I read your reply!!!


Kurt Seyit ve Şura 5.Bölüm Part 1 with subtitles | Amara

Needless to say, my wife wants to watch it all over again like all of you Ladies here LoL. Thank you Maria Young Tmly gmail. It stayed with me for days after. Ditto about Kivanc Tatlitug!. Would like to know how many of the characters englisb really true in the series.

Please publish the rest of the books in this series. I would love to read the book English, Like Like. The music changes often according to the characters from a love-swept melody to a dark Russian tune for the traitor in the story.

He is completely different in the movie from Kurt Seyit and he lost 40 pounds for the role. And yes, THAT ending!

And also that makes it more realistic. Thank you for the heads up!! He dominated every scene he was in. It was like kind of reading a book but seeing and hearing it! Regardless if they remained together. Production was bit on the cheap side, but a fantastic story, and an absolutely marvelous job done by a well cast troop of actors, be it having to work on rather cheap and basic sets. Maybe he’s coming here with his mother and father to see their bride. Surprisingly well done, except for a few oddities you might find difficult, it consists of forty plus episodes now streaming on Netflix.

I know more about him now than I do any American actor!!! What took you so long?

Kurt Seyit ve Şura 6.Bölüm Part 1 with subtitles | Amara

I think if it was partially made up, I would have enjoyed it if the make believe continued thru to the end rather than an unbelievable happily ever after with a different woman. Ok now, back to the TV!!! Took me 4 days to complete series. So, just like in that story and at that same time period, when the Bolcheviques took over in Russia, my grandparents fled to Estonia to avoid being killed, where they lived for a while and eventually decided to move far away to Brazil.


I did exactly like you and I got obsessed on the series and on Kivanc haha he is called the Turkish Brad Pit. No, but it has its qualities. Eventually, many of them flee to occupied Istanbul for refuge, which is not without danger.

The interaction between them in the kitchen of the hotel was so homey, I felt I was baking right along with them! I binged-watched for one whole week…during weekends for hours, and on weekdays, counting the hours till I could go home and watch in the evenings.

Maybe father will forgive himif he break up with that Russian girl.

Many thanks for this wonderful blog! Really loved the movie. We have to supply the vineyard house with everything that is missing, Hacer.

But, Hacer, don’t tell anything that could put Mr. I had no idea how many episodes there were!!

The main characters are riveting in their performances and perfectly cast. The heartbreaking outcome of their lives being torn apart by war, revolution, and rebels continues the series. Like Liked kuurt 2 people.

I found it seyt at times by American standards but so enjoyable! Tatia is in her room. I cannot stop watching as my first to watch a turkish movie. This time though I am fast forwarding through a lot of scenes since I already know the story line! The Turkish style of filming love scenes romantic, no nudity, slow motion, lots of focus on the eyes, building of dramatic music, no open mouth kissing etc was fascinating!