Yes, there were a few moments that were cute and made me smile but that still doesn’t counter the absurdities that I read in this novel. I kept on reading it for over a month. It gives an important message through his character that we should never give up and no matter what happens have faith in Allah Almighty and that everything will turn out to be fine. She has a way to weave in a gripping narrative. Irum was enjoying this whole scene like a vamp but when our superhuman hero played it, it turned out to be the pictures of meesni Irum and Waleed with the Shiela ki Jawani song playing in the background while the pictures changed like MS PowerPoint slides. I did not anticipate the twists at all.. This novel is almost related to me in many sense. Jul 18, Momna rated it it was amazing.

At some point i get bored and get confused and regret why did i chose it but when i read it further i really get lost in the story and all the characters. Aur khulay lambay kaalay baal. I remember reading about a girl who was repeatedly raped by a guy for years because he blackmailed her with some comprising pictures and she was too afraid to tell her family. Apno ko tang krny ka maza hi alag hy islia Haya aur Jihan ak dosry ko bht tang krty thy. He put her through so much just because she had a stupid phone call with her friend in the beginning of the chapter. Though I always doubted Ayeshy’s intentions but eventually loved her. I didnt even know the single word of all lectures.

I just skipped through those aur story pe koi farq nai para.

Jannat Ke Pattay IX By Nimra Ahmed

Ek tau jitni baar usne “aanson andar le ke” “shanay uchkaye” thay hairat thi ke uske andar sailaab aa ke shanay uchak ke bahar nahi gir gaye. Lets Discuss Books 6 37 Sep 02, It us not just the tale of two people.

It’s high time people realised that. After that I was only interested in Jehan Sikander btw what is with our Urdu female writers: A highly recommended novel. I like how she keeps a balance between fiction and Islamic book.


The fact that Jehan, Major Ahmad and Dolly and Pasha were the same person destroyed the story for me. DJ dialogue i love is mera name khadija rana hy meri friends mjhy DJ kahti hain lkn tum srf mjhy khadija kaho ge. Mushaf by Nimra Ahmed This mutual tolerance can only help us become a better Muslim and a better human being. Keeping the idea of spirituality in mind, Haya’s transformation looked fake and forced. Nimra Ahmed ka bhi ek formula hai: But I understand the target readers were teenage girls and girls in their twenties who are usually indulged in their pathetic fantasies.

But stay away from it’s eoisode. Would it kill writers to properly edit episod stories? Haya suleman bharay gul tum sy bht pyar krti hy. Dec 01, Nazish Islam rated it really liked it Recommended to Nazish by: My many friends convinced me to read this novel. I hate people like her. Peisode adventure will take you to, two countries; Pakistan and Turkey.

There was good character development of these two and even Jihaan. This amazing piece of book is written by Nimra Ahmed which is, in reality, the sister of top selling author of Pir-e-Kamil, Umera Ahmed. No fantasy or thrillers. Oct 26, Ayesha rated it it was amazing Shelves: I take Hijab as well but the way it portrays the judgemental views of main protagonist is pathetic really and far too away from Islam.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To keep the video away from the eyes of the members of her traditional family and to avoid any complications, she had to contact an patfay of the Cyber Crime Cell who could have had her video removed. Account Options Sign in. The whole story of Haya is very absurd and extremely epizode.

Uss kay saath laal rang ki heel aur laal lipstick. I rmember one such situation, and I site this example to others frequently. Why isn’t Jihan real? Why is he fictional?

Quotes from Jannat Kay Pattay I am comparing both novels because the main protagonists of both stories had the army background with their fathers being labelled as traitors. I like Nimra ahmed’s effort of bringing everybody closer to the meanings of the Quran through explaining some ayahs! To start off with the title, “Jannat kay Pattay” mind blowing and awesome. But somehow recurrence of this kr is destroying our literature. Now that I have vented it out of my system, Jannag can rest. Abdul rehman ma tmhy pasand krti hun lkn ma tmhari dost ko pasand krta hun.


The story w What a wastage of time! Will she be able to go to Turkey?

Novel – Jannat Kay Pattay Episode 9 by Nimra Ahmed | Urdu Novels

A piece of humour written epissode Anwar Maqsood not only makes you laugh, but it also makes you feel like ‘Damn! What a wastage of time! But this story was neither fantasy fiction nor magic realism. I am writing this review almost 2 years after reading the book I don’t even remember the exact yearso it’s kinda a gist of what it was and what I thought about it and how months of thinking about it changed my thoughts about it.

EDIT Read it finally and now i can’t gather my thoughts. Sad reality is that, many young girls don’t even bother reading jannt writers, and get enchanted by such jannt fantasies, which teach them nothing about the ‘real’ life and thus it contributes nothing to the development of their minds, except that they get episodee in the idea of a handsome hunk who will save them from every adversity and difficulty no matter what the situation is.

Stupidest thing according to me. At the start i was very confused about the major ahmed and then ARP but the story catched my interest immediately and i get stuck to it. Jannat Kay Pattay is unquestionably one of the most beautiful books ever.

The idea of Jannat kay Pattay was inspiring. I enjoyed it beyond my expectations. Or else people cannot relate to them.