Science related videos See all science related videos. From aircraft building to space school and why hi-vis clothing glows: It’s an Alien Invasion Japanizi: Stinko – Episode There’s a heat wave on. Retrieved March 28, Password Forgot your password?

Please improve this by adding secondary or tertiary sources. The city’s entire supply of deodorant has been stolen Ty complains of boredom, and considers resigning from the Bureau of Grossology, when yet another mission to foil Lance Boil is deemed “too easy. How do I subscribe when I am a student? And this time his flatulent plan is on an epic scale. A team of mysterious, slimy thugs had been terrorizing the waterfront and eating all the fish. Lance hopes to decrease Ty’s I.

The Scab Fairy the Tooth Fairy’s grosser cousin is taking scabs without even leaving a quarter under kid’s pillows! Grossilogy Read Edit View history. More Episodes – Grossology.

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Who rocked the Church? How many videos can I watch? Ty scrambles to shed some light on the problem before it’s lights out for everyone. Password Forgot your password? When Grossologu defuses a mysterious device Lance Boil planted in the middle of town, she gets bathed in a green ray that instantly starts her aging at many times the normal rate.


How episodw I make a clip? Absolute Zero explores these and other facets of the frigid in two one-hour programs. Ty and Abby must foil Insectiva’s plot to use giant, mutated termites to destroy the city.

You may also like Nights. Retrieved March 28, And this time his flatulent plan is on an epic scale. But this time, he’s not just controlling his own hair, he’s controlling everyone else’s!

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When a hairy epidemic hits, you know Frederick Follicle is back in town. Ty complains of boredom, and considers resigning from the Bureau of Grossology, when yet another mission to foil Lance Boil is deemed “too easy. Grossology is a Canadian animated television series produced by Nelvanaand based loosely on the non-fictional children’s book series of the same name by Sylvia Branzei. It’s up to Abby to go in, and beat him singlehandedly.

Insectiva has created a strain of giant mind-controlling head lice that grow on all the kids’ heads at Ringworm High, converting them to zombies. A crazed basketball player creates an plague-like Athlete’s Foot epidemic using his new brand of popular running shoes. When an army of giant dung beetles has stolen all the manure from nearby farmland, as part of Insectiva’s evil grodsology.


Byron Molina’s Favorite TV shows. Scope – Machines and Gadgets. Meanwhile Ty asks Naomi out on a date. Or that we belch and fart at least 18 times a day.

Learn how you might be ageing your brain and how to slow down the clock. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Lance Boil has planted a nanodevice in Abby’s ear, and those of many other students, causing serious vertigo, groszology well as complete control of their every move.

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Worse, Abby is deathly afraid of these hungry invertebrates. A bitter sewer worker merges with a slime mold and turns into a monster who attempts to smother the surface dwellers in grossoloyy. When a disgraced opera star returns to the stage, he’s only singing one note: Meanwhile, Abby is forced to serve as the school’s Hall Monitor, and help keep it clean When an ultra-exclusive spa opens, everyone goes gaga for its new line of rgossology creams, gels, and oils, created by Insectiva.

Competing in the school Science Fair, Ty’s main rival is Patrick and his cool robot. I am having trouble watching a video.