They’ve found a third person’s foot prints that night at the crime scene. It’ll be a very important statement along with the latest news, right? Lately our surname has been on the news in such shameful ways. You have a very kind girlfriend. The owner of the cab is a nice man. In the political era of Turkey in that years, two young people from opposite families fall in love. Sure, I’ll text you the address.

I’ve things to talk with her. Flirting with the lawyer as if she has nothing to worry about. Okay, we got it. Hold on, just hold on. It’s all because of Turaner donkey. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? And then he got crushed under his own weight.

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Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

It’s not this place You shouted and yelled, got it all out? This was going to be the last one, if you didn’t pick up. Edit Details Official Sites: It was just another car for him.

Fatmagul, afraid that the emotional distance between she and Kerim will continue to grow, comes to Bodrum to be with Kerim.

However, the next day, the news of what Rahmi and Kadir have suffered in their new neighborhood in Istanbul destroys their good mood and they are forced to return home. For three generations the Kozcuoglu family owns a prominent Certainly it’s the date of trial being decided. There’s something in your mind, bothering you.


Everything is so stylish and expensive, I can tell. But they won’t postpone the debt payment.

Beren Saat: Fatmagulun Sucu Ne (Episode 22 Arabic Subtitles)

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I had asked you hopelessly back then “Is there any hope for us? Fatmagul and Kerim have another, different fight to face in their epixode house. I’m rabid with rage, like you wouldn’t believe it.

Beren Saat: Fatmagulun Sucu Ne (Episode 22 Arabic Subtitles)

Learn more More Like This. It shall be yours once again, and give strength to your patience.

Come on, we’ll go to our house afterwards. Hypnotized by Yasemin, I swear to God that he’ll be running the streets in his under pants. Settle there as you wish. One of them is obsessed with a girl while the other cannot let go of a property. How is this any different than jail?

They must arxbic waiting for things to settle Selim Yasaran 80 episodes, Nothing holds him from redoing it. Episode 71 summary Fatmagul, afraid that the 4 distance between she and Kerim will continue to grow, comes to Bodrum to be with Kerim.


And then I’ll do anything for you! I fatmaagul mind purifying our names a bit with some social responsibility projects. But let’s talk with Kadir Bey and such, about it.

fatma ep 1 – Vidéo dailymotion

I said she would bring trouble to us. Don’t you see they set up a trap for me.

There were little plants barely holding on under stones, trying to reach for the sun. I mean I can do anything, in my time out of school. This confrontation forces both sides to think about that night and fahmagul else afterwards. If something happens, it will happen to me. And his wife was a sweet girl, too. He appeared before us all of a sudden. But I have to think like the opposition.

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