Easy installation, out of the box, simple to use. Additional Product Features Video Input. I use Epson projectors a long time now I had many different projectors and Epson gives me the best colour and brightness even more daytime than the competition’s item in the same grade You won’t regret a single penny what it cost you Verified purchase: Show more Show less. Setup is simple, with lots of picture quality adjustments, as is typical for Epson. David Stone The Best Printers for The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema home entertainment projector delivers high-quality p images, guaranteed free of rainbow artifacts, for both 2D and 3D.

Easy installation, out of the box, simple to use. We delete comments that violate our policy , which we encourage you to read. I feel quite strongly about not giving my settings: The IQ increases a lot in this. Whatever settings you got with a calibration disc are going to be better with your projector on your screen than what I had with my sample on my screen. They have to be bright enough to stand up to the ambient light in a living room or family room, and generally include their own sound system.

An auto iris tracks the incoming video to make dark scenes seem darker and keep bright scenes bright. In the ECO mode, those numbers are We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions cunema buying links on this page. If you don’t want to install the projector permanently, you can store it away when you’re not using it, move it from room to room, or even use it in your backyard or take it a friend’s house.

If you want to use it for 3D, the extra cost of the glasses effectively raises the price, but that’s offset somewhat by a long lamp life, at 5, hours in Normal mode and 6, hours in Eco mode.

cinemaa Geoffrey – Thanks for the review. Compared to the chunkythe is much more coffee-table-friendly, measuring Create new account Request new password. Related Latest Reviews News. However, I didn’t see any lag at all with the Leave this field blank. No Shortage of Blu-ray Players…Yet.

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The Epson PowerLite Home Cinema is an impressively capable projector for the price, particularly if you want it for 2D only. Very much on the plus side, I didn’t see any posterization shading changing suddenly where it should change gradually and saw only a slight loss of shadow detail details based on shading in dark areas in scenes that tend to cause those problems.


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Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 3D LCD Projector | Sound & Vision

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema review: You may also like. Before calibration, the image is lacking blue, especially with darker images. Colleagues have done tests on two TVs, bought at the same store on the same day, and found the settings available online from various forums were actually worse than the TV’s stock settings, and of course much worse than simple adjustments with a setup Blu-ray.

As a budget offering, the inclusion of 3D playback is surprising, but having to buy active glasses separately is a little annoying. Rather, those ft-L numbers are after calibration for the color temperature standard of D with reasonably accurate color points. I feel quite strongly about Submitted by Geoffrey Morrison on February 11, – 8: Shine Light output has been a performance characteristic that Epson seems to nail with every projector.

Submitted by jintoku on February 14, – 5: Gamut luminance, though, became an exceptional 0. David is also an expert in imaging technologies including printers, monitors, large-screen displays, projectors, scanners, and digital camerasstorage both magnetic and opticaland word processing.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 Tri-LCD Projector

Want to hear your movie without hooking up a speaker system? By definition, a home theater projector, like the Editors’ Choice Epson PowerLite Home Cinema UBeis designed almost exclusively for permanent installation in a room with theater dark lighting. Since ECO offered a plenty-bright 28 ft-L on my screen, I used that mode for most of my subjective testing.

The setup options include a 1. Continue to next page 01 To fill my Stewart StudioTek1. I saw some minimal to moderate noise in solid areas in some scenes and some slight jitter when the camera panned across the scene in one clip, but neither was obvious enough to consider it a serious problem. Quite apart from being rainbow-free, the did a near-excellent job on image quality for 2D video in my tests. The includes an auto iris, which closes down to help make blacks darker in dark scenes.


I had many different projectors and Epson gives me the best colour and brightness even more daytime than the competition’s item in the same grade You won’t regret a single penny what it cost you.

This improves the dynamic contrast ratio some, to about 1, The Jimi Hendrix Experience: These are always a potential problem for single-chip DLP projectors, because of the way they produce colors, and they can be annoying for anyone who sees them easily.

Totem Acoustic Sky Loudspeaker Review. The auto-iris is noisy jk my unit as well so I also turned this powerlie for my usage. About this product Product Information Discover bright cinematic adventures at home with the Home Cinema Foldable phones are a beautiful, cruel tease. Another potential role for a home entertainment projector is to use it as a portable, which also benefits from built-in audio. Most relevant reviews See all 12 reviews.

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One of Epson’s least expensive p projectors for 2D and 3D, the LCD-based Elson PowerLite Home Cinema leaves out advanced features that you’ll find in pricier models—including lens shift, for example, which lets you adjust the image position without moving the projector.

Most notably, any sort of lens shift. I feel quite strongly about Submitted by Geoffrey Morrison on February 11, – 8: While the Epson and higher-up projectors have a sci-fi look, the budget models are a little more pedestrian in appearance. If you provide this information, I would greatly appreciate it. Geoffrey – Thanks for the review.

About the Author M. However, Powelite doesn’t provide any of its RF 3D-glasses with the projector.

The color management system CMS lets you dial in the colors a bit, but not enough to get them fully accurate. Epson’s projector cheap, not nasty Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

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