The whole woman that fixes things in the Manic Pixie Fairy, it seems like they are keeping an eye on it and trying to balance it out–Yu; also fixes some of his own issues on his own for example the sweet scene of him sewing on the frog’s head. Unless the Mom is just really, really careless. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. He hasn’t achieved this so far, IMO, but there’s room for improvement and he might end up surprising everyone, who knows. This drama is soo not my taste but I might have to watch for Jaejoong. I hope it’s a dream because that’s really hurtful to say to poor DJ. Despite his sister dying the secretary refused to work for him. I’m sure he has something.

The little red bow ties Da Jung gifted the staff were beyond adorable. I like it that they showed them as people through Da Jeong’s present, because it probably did make them feel noticed and appreciated for a change. Oh i have a copy of that movie.. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Lady Ki was just following the law and protocol. I think the pianist is Geotge Winston, you can check his work to find out, he’s very popular around the world.

It would made become dr Jin failed if song accept it In the comments I’ve seen comparisons to: I don’t think the drama will delay their comback ,cos it’s supposed to finish in the middle of July and Jaejoong can participate in the comback activities at the same time.

YOU think you can do better? Does anyone have axia idea where I can get the piano instrumental piece used as the PM’s background score?

All the women he liked and wanted on his side went to Yul. Lovely sportthat is Guess I will have to drive that 40 miles to my nearest Subway Thanks for the recaps, gummimochi and Merry Christmas, everyone!


Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I always found that really heart-warming. I second the idea he was in the other car when he got killed. Not excited with JJ casting.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be so worried about Jaejoong’s acting, but rather the gangster role which I find it difficult to picture him in. Lol his speaking voice is probably one of his most attractive features.

EMPRESS KI – EPISODE 47 | korean drama: empress ki

I think some kdramas these days often focus too much on delivering a shocking element to its audience, some others deviate from the original plot. I liked him in Protect the Boss, though I dumped the drama for the writing going bipolar at the end. That’s eepisode good one! Many are only in Korean but many are sold worldwide, so you can usually find other languages.

You know right away when it is a j-idol acting imo. Yoochun isnt perfect but i think he has the potential to last aska an actor a good one even after his time as an idol passes.

benfara Ryu Jin said in ‘Happy Together 3’, that when drama ratings are not good, dramas always add crazy plots.

Just like you say, he never played such a swoon worthy char b4. Yes, I am that shallow. Because of the holidays? Orion December 26, at 3: Thank you very much drama. Did Seo and her love of Yul bring out the competitive aia of Minister of Finance, so he gave up on his fun-loving musician side to become Yul’s rival?

I always avoid melos or anything too serious. How much do I love it that her Christmas present to him is asi book taken from his bookshelves, Arabian Nights, with the idea of reading it to him every night to cure his insomnia? Instead, he ordered Golta to give the Imperial seal to the Chancellor. I’m just waiting all time for monday’s and tuesday’s, because they are just so cute, fun, because every character is loveable, or interesting, and that’s so fascinating Yo, missy, please stop trolling.


So I really hope that he takes this drama. I just love how she pushes Kwon Yul’s buttons, and he’s just falling so hard for her and he doesn’t know it yet. Wait, are you the spy?

Sinopsis Drama Korea – Korean Sinema

I think it was consolation break up sex and she happened to be there, but then got pregnant with their grown son and he resents her. Now that Da-jung knows about his band please, oh please Drama, can we ii him sing?

The following morning, Da-jung encourages a reluctant Man-se to attend kindergarten. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe It was romantic that he called her MY Scheherazade!

But gasp, they have chemistry and because the story is well written, their romance is so believable. He was not giving up though, just declining. Actions speak louder than words. Well, I see it this other way: On the surface he was saying this professionally; but I also thought he was saying it in a way that carried a deeper message.

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The essence of the story is that a Sultan was cheated on by his main wife and he was heartbroken. So we see Yul wanting to read more. Totally missed the mark on those two points.