Pari says roof is falling down. Samrat is increasingly getting impatient, as he has to wait for 2 hours, for his turn for marriage registry. Shaurya too agrees that he wont tell anything. He warns her to leave her else he might raise his hand at her. She tests by throwing black power on Pari and Pari feels it. Sushma tries to get shaurya to rethink his descision, making him understand what urmi has done for him, and that he shouldnt leave his mother.

She wishes he could see this. She gets emotional and hugs him. This house was hers and will always be. Just like he played her with the shaurya cancer drama, she asks him to meet her, at 12 on the roof. She recalls good time that she had with Samrat, his confession, and cries. Samrat says that he wont leave his son just like that and that he wont leave it.

SDamrat again reminds shaurya as to how much everyone loved him, back at the house.

A man recognizes Shiv in the way and moves towards his house. Tani tells Damini not to upxate anything against Urmi in her mind and punish her if she wants. By Rimjhim Last updated Mar 31, Anirudh asks her what she is upto. Urmi is very shocked and sad.

Doli Armaanon Ki Episode 403–404 Update On Friday 4th May 2018 On Adom TV

Tani comes to hug him, while he wonders if she head. He thinks that he has toiled enough to come to this, as it was a tough job to get this foolish girl in his trap, as he did this for revenge, but instead got entitled for free entertainment of family drama.

Anirudh asks them all to rest, as they all had a tiring day. Samrat smiles evilly, as she hugs him, and says that this is their first night, and their room is so simple.

She told him not to get Ishaan married to her, but he still did and always favored Urmi and armaxnon he saw the results of it. But she refuses to leave, saying that she shall stay dpisode, as its her house, and she doesnt care what anyone things.


The next morning, sushma is overwhelmed to find urmi making cupcakes for shaurya, for being angry at him the last night, and how well she is handling every aspect of her life, her work, her home, and her son so nicely.

Doli Armaanon Ki 17th October Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

But samrat gets angry while tauji tells him that he would get a new, wonderful cake. Ishaan says that he is the same brother, and that today he wants to save her from ruining her whole life, as samrat uses armaanoj as a pawn.

Ishaan apologises to saroj and devi, with folded hands, for what tani did. Urmi makes a deal of her car and Samrat is shocked to see the car dealer who robs cars.

He rudely says that he is his son too, and that without him, she wouldnt have had him, and that they equally share their right over shaurya. She asks him admaanon lecture urmi instead, as if she doesnt retreat, it would just be highly unfortunate for her, and she herself wont like it. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He replies back asking why cant he meet his father, and why does she stop him. All are shocked at her stupidity.

Urmi comes and returns 1 crore rupees to him that Tani gave to Samrat.

Doli Armaanon Ki Episode 315–316 Wednesday 28th February 2018 On Adom TV

As he signs, he thinks that finally its all done, and that he is just about to become the owner of S AND S Airlines, and that nothing can stop him now. She talks about her stealing habit, and is adamant that she shall have to leave for jhansi tomorrow.

Samrat calls urmi and wishes to speak to shaurya and is told that he wont. Anirudh tells her whatever had to happen has happened now.


Samrat gets his son, Shaurya. Like 0 Dislike 0. Manjulika thinks how can they escape, Rajbeer must have got superpowers. They all run under tree. She has wrotten her only son. They both are shocked, as they remember the previous encounter.

Ishaan is advised by his mother, if he has ever thought about his two younger sisters. She is shocked to find samrat come back with shaurya in the car. He also talks about her marriage with Ishaan, writtten Urmi says one marriage was enough and avoids to talk further.

Doli Armaanon Ki 30th April Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Shashi says that samrat is right in rebuking them when they think about his family. Maya removes her top in fron Urmi takes him from his hand with consternation and then leaves.

Tani says that she isnt an idiot. Tauji says that the veil is the hiding of many wrongs. Tani gets angry at Samrat but he fibs that he wanted to buy her a new car as a surprise but bacled off due to her emotional attachment. My only reason and hope for watching this serial is waiting to see Samrats downfall and regret. She keeps the veil, and touches his feet.

He again reminds shaurya that he doesnt have to tell this all to urmi at all. She wonders why ios he doing that, and then goes epsiode to switch the music system, which makes samrat turn back. As he comes and takes off the helmet, he turns epiwode to be the same man, trying to woo trisdha writtn who trisha is also getting attracted to.