It just sorta stopped showing them. It is to guess the true meaning of Kaitou Kid’s preliminary announcement that he is going to steal her star sapphire ring, “Jewel of Fate”. The culprit stated if they tried evacuation or cancelling the games the bombs will go off. Movie 3 Meitantei Conan: The police department was unable to obtain any clues as to the motivation of the crime Little do Aoko and Inspector Nakamori know that Kaito is Kaitou Kid and he will do whatever it takes to retrieve the gem. The thrilling moments and the matches were really amazing The voices didn’t bother me, I actually liked that they made the real players voice their characters.

You could just think of it as a way to advance the plot. Movie 8 Meitantei Conan: I think using his skateboard has been used in the majority of the movies! I absolutely love this movie. Kaitou Kid has his eyes set on the “Lady of the Sky” jewel aboard Bell 3, the largest airship in the world. Action, Cops, Detective, Shounen Group: Honobono Log – best slice of life short most kawaii loli overlord Donquixote Doflamingo AMV – Control.

Action, Cops, Conah, Shounen Group: The thrilling moments and the matches were really amazing, that’s one of the best things in a DC movie.

All the victims are from a Music School led by a famous pianist.

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Sanada, remembered his name because it’s the same as Sanada Yukimura XD I love him, and his kansai-ben somehowI am weak for kansan-ben XD The best part of the movie, the scene with the skateboard, and the kick at the end there, I mean the kick that stopped the bomb, not the one with the white panty flash: It’s been a while since DC made me sit at the edge of my chair and feel so excited!

Maybe there could of been a little more hints to the motorcycle dude since him liking that kid was sorta vague. According to the coach she only seems to be lacking a bit of self-confidence. The movie broke 3 billion yen this week-end for an actual total of 3. Movie 7 Meitantei Conan: The plot is shinichi gets involved in a case that involves an accident from the previous year; however, the case is tied to the black organization who gave shinichi a drug that shrunk him.


Even though the gem is heavily guarded by Inspector Nakamori and a special police unit, the remote-controlled beam of a nearby lighthouse, gives Kid an edge Afterwards, she pulls out a silencer and speaks into an attached intercom: He treated him like his own little brother, somewhat, they’ve been together for a year or two, and it won’t take long time to know a KID who couldn’t lie, so one wouldn’t be putting up their guard and distance themselves with a kid, despite saying that, he’s still going a little too far, though I feel his love for the kid dbaranyi said: You could just think of it as a way to advance the plot.

The next day, Conan and his friends go to a newly-remodeled aquarium in Tokyo. I really liked the movie, but the situations just get too crazy Sakurai-san and Yoshino-san voiced as well. I will not blackmail Kir into hooking me up with one of her former co-stars.

Now, in Nishitama, a ship designer of Yatsushiro Shipbuilder, which belonged to Yatsushiro Financial Combine, was suffered from a sudden hart attack while he was driving, and died in a traffic accident. The group are looking for their missing friend and Conan agrees to help. Usually I’m not into the bomb threat-cases.

He is still sensitive about the Tropical Land incident.

Already injuring 3 people, he means business. Said piece is worth about , Yen, and is the latest target of master thief Kaitou Kid. Conan must find the murderer while protecting his identity.

However Kaitou will have to steal the sword while Conan and Yaiba are after him. Shounen Tanteidan Maruhi Chousa http: Suihei Senjou no Strategy http: Movie 10 Meitantei Conan: Her left and right eyes are different colours. DVD The phantom thief Kaitou Kid has his eyes set on a jewel, the Artemis’ Tear, on display at a luxury hotel on the isolated island of Koyakejima, 1, km to the south-south-east of Tokyo. I didn’t even notice. OVA 5 Meitantei Conan: Tokyo Movie, Shogakukan Genre: Not much to say about it.

Movie 11 Meitantei Conan: Conan and company have been invited detectivd a opening moviee of the Music Hall built by the pianist. The spy steals a car and escapes. Later that night a murder happens in the building and as so often Conan will be trying to solve the puzzle of finding the culprit and getting to know what role the Organisation is playing this time.


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DVD Serial murders involving all kinds have happened. You can’t get those sorts of things in Lawson stores.

I absolutely love this movie. I will not do doughnuts in the secret underground parking lot in Gin’s Porsche. The spy and Amuro are then locked in a dead heat on the highway, and just as it is about to cause an accident with multiple cars, the spy’s car is hit by FBI agent Akai Shuuichi’s rifle bullet and falls off the roadway.

It’s my first time watching DC subbed from them, it’s my first time watching a p too, though it took me 5days to download the video. I say it was good movie up to certain point, it was truly fun to watch Conan have fun playing soccer.

Now Conan must dive into the game system to figure out who the murderer is, with the help of the famous fictional character Sherlock Holmes. I detectivs not use “Sherry hunting” as an excuse to take a day off.

Sorry for the spoilers, but they are important points from the movie. Movie 3 Meitantei Conan: It didn’t involve any knives or guns, but just bombs. Conan and the others see the towers on their way dstective a camping trip and decide to stop by.

Photographer important guest seiyuu that being CMed constantly giving clues to Conan through her notebook: Little do Aoko and Inspector Dcttp know that Kaito is Kaitou Kid and he will do whatever it takes to retrieve the gem.

Conan, Ran, and Kogoro are enjoying their trip in the Aphrodite. Those kids have the worst parents ever.