The ink can be applied in layers, each with a different color, to obtain the desired effect. The resulting overprint coating was cured by passing a hot air dryer over the sample to evaporate the solvent portion. The “reactive ink systems” include systems curable ink radiation and thermoset ink systems. Refrigerated food items are often displayed to consumers by placing the food item in a tray and covering the top of the tray with an envelope of transparent plastic film. When the printed film is helically wound around a central core in progressive layers to form a roll, the printed side of the film contacts the unprinted side of the film. A thermoset ink system may include one or more colorants eg, pigments dispersed with the reactive components of a thermoset varnish system. The antifog film may be treated to have a surface energy of at least about 0. There overprint varnish on at least a substantial portion of the printed image.

A plastic film wrap typically includes printed from images on regions of the outer surface of the film to provide visual information to the consumer. The preferred amount of photoinitiator present in the UV curable system is the minimum sufficient to facilitate the curing reaction amount, since residual photoinitiator may remain in the overprint varnish to potentially migrate through the antifog film. The resulting compound was subjected to sufficient pressure to simulate storage in a roll form typical in the industry. It is believed that these lower energies increase the cross-linking in the ink or varnish. Como buenos venezolanos a mi familia y a mi nos encantan los tequenos y estando lejos de nuestro pais se extranan aun mas. The thickness of the outer layer may range as a percentage of the total thickness of the antifog film of about in ascending order of preference 1 to 50 percent, 3 to 45 percent, 5 to 40 percent, from 7 to 35 percent and 7 to 30 percent.

This system has the ability to change from a fluid phase to a highly cross-linked or polymerized solid phase by means of a chemical reaction initiated by a source of radiation energy, such as ultraviolet light “UV” radiation or electron beams “EB”. It can be considered that a component is “highly crystalline” herein if the amount of crystalline molecules is at least 70 weight percent of the maximum amount of crystallinity.

The resulting compound was subjected to sufficient pressure to simulate storage in a roll form typical in the industry. The thickness of the barrier layer may range from about in ascending order of preference 0.

Tie layers have sufficient thickness to provide the adherence function, as is known in the art. Preferably, the curable overprint varnish system is one based radiation on a free radical mechanism to initiate and propagate the cure reaction i.

Turbidity is measured against the outside i. The viscosity of the inks during application was 30 to 35 seconds Zahn 2. Preferably, the cured ink derived from the reactive ink system forms at least a portion of the surface of the printed image.


La tinta puede ser aplicada en capas, cada una con un color diferente, para obtener el efecto deseado.

ES2305103T3 – printed antifog film. – Google Patents

El queso era suave tambien. All references to the transmission rate of oxygen transmission in this application are measured at these conditions according to ASTM D, incorporated herein in its entirety by reference.

The present invention relates to antifog films useful for packaging food, and more particularly to printed antifog films having improved capability to maintain antifogging characteristics after being rolled capacity.

As preferred for the heat seal layer components include: Next, some examples of preferred combinations in which the alphabetical symbols designate envielto resin layers are given. The controlled fogging conditions are as follows.

An electron beam is the preferred form of radiation, but can use the UV light radiation if the ink or radiation-curable varnish is formulated with photoinitiator.

The reactive overprint varnish may be formed or derived from a lacquer system thermoset, for example a reagent system varnish of a component, a reagent system two-component paint and reagent system varnish multicomponent, all of which are known to those skilled in the art.

Examples of solvents for inks include one or more aqueous solvents or hydrocarbon solvents, such as alcohols eg, ethanol, 1-propanol, isopropanolacetates eg ethyl n-propylaliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons eg, tolueneand ketones. However, systems cationic overprint radiation curable may undergo curing inhibition by humidity, the components of inks eg pigments, fillers, some resins, additives printing and additives of the antifog film that are Nature alkaline.

The film of claim 1 wherein the antifog film has an antifog agent dispersed in at least a portion of the film. The layer or non-food external ie, the side layer printing of the antifog film may be exposed to environmental stresses once the form is given to the film package. There is a printed image on the antifog film.

Method of providing a printed thermoplastic film having a radiation-cured overprint coating. Ink resins include one or more of nitrocellulose, polyamide, polyurethane, ethylcellulose, meth acrylates, poly vinyl butyralpoly vinyl acetatepoly vinyl chloride and polyethylene terephthalate PET.

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The selected thermoset varnish system is preferably one for which the cure conditions not degrade undesirably useful physical characteristics of the antifog film. Las cantidades efectivas de barniz sobreimpreso reactivo curado pueden caracterizarse como un porcentaje en peso del sistema de barniz total. The Antifog Rating for the side of the unprinted film sample that had been compressed against the printed side of the corresponding printed film codinar the method for determining the Antifog Enveulto discussed in the Antifog Film section above was determined.

The antifog film may comprise one or more layers, preferably a total of 2 to 20 layers, more preferably at least 3 layers, even more preferably at least 4 envudlto, still more preferably at least 5 layers and most preferably from 5 to 9 layers. The radiation dosage may also range from 5 tomore preferably 5 to and more preferably from 5 to 75 kGy. However, it has cationic overprint systems curable by UV radiation used to initiate the reaction, but not based on a free radical mechanism.


Coextrusion manufacture may use, for example, a method of tubular trapped bubble film process or a flat film ie, emptied film or slit die. The term “highly crystalline” has a meaning generally understood by those skilled in the art.

Es como si se encogiera y arrolado elasticidad. Me cuentas cuando los hagas si? The layers may include polymers having grafted polar groups so that the polymer is capable of covalently bonding to polar polymers such argollado EVOH.

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Adicionalmente, se pueden emplear sellos de solapa. The application and curing of a thermosetting ink are similar to those discussed with respect to thermoset varnishes. An antifog film may also be formed by applying to at least one surface of the film an antifog coating that contains in an effective amount one or more antifog agents.

AXL ink is a modified cellulose reducible ink with alcohol. Use fipm a photocurable resin composition for the preparation of a laminated film. The printed image is applied to the antifog film by printing the ink on the antifog film, preferably the outer side facing away the film food.

The film of claim 12, wherein the amount of cured overprint varnish is effective to reduce the tendency of the antifog film to form a ghost condensate image of the printed image after the film winding and unwinding.

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The above descriptions are those of preferred embodiments of the invention. Mientras, vamos cortando el queso en forma de palitos de 5 a 7 cm de largo y 1 cm de espesor. The overprint varnish comprises a radiation-curable varnish or a thermoset varnish.

You can also employ a combination of these procedures. Each layer of the antifog film may include one or more thermoplastic materials.

A “mil” arrollaco equal to 0. Prueba a diluir tambien la sal en el agua asi no queda arenosa. Can be assigned to cocjnar antifog effectiveness of an antifog film a numerical value “Antifog Rating” by visually comparing a sample film, which has been exposed to controlled fogging conditions, to reference standards Figs. If the printed image lacks a cured reactive ink system, then the printed antifog film further comprises a cured reactive overprint varnish i.

It is containing acrylic monomer and acrylated epoxy oligomer multifunctional. For example, coocinar printing system may employ eight print stations, each station with an ink of a different color. The ink is printed on the outer side which does not contact the film food to avoid contact of the packaged food with the print ink.