Submitted April 29, Recorded and mixed using Cubase 9. Submitted December 30, I think of all the videos on my channel, this one took the most time to finish. Released April 25, by SimplySpoons. The show consists of a drum duet at the beginning,

Submitted January 27, Super Mario metal interpretation by Fake Smile Revolution. Cobus Creek event brings out bug fans. Freakin immense, this was such such such a rad experience. Get the top news stories delivered directly to your inbox! Such an awesome feeling when it clicked! Released July 16, by Cobus Potgieter. Submitted October 12,

Cobus Potgieter’s DW Double Pedal | Equipboard®

Improvisation feeds creativity, but discipline makes it real! Get my free drumming tips and tricks – Cobus.

Please consider supporting me on Patreon! Logic Pro X Metal Song christianccpa 3 years ago. This is the first episode of the series that contain tutorial videos on how to mix drums real and programmedbass, guitar plus Cobus Potgieter Jamming in Ottawa!

Cobus – twenty one pilots – Jumpsuit Drum Cover quadtum My main snare was tuned quite high and responsive for the other tracks, but I wanted a more beefy tone for this song. It’s not meant to be perfect, just fun! The Drum Bus Mixing with Metal 1 years ago.


I was alone in a a room again, nobody around, completely self-contained and simply having fun playing drums. Released January 27, by JHendrickMusic. Released June 12, by TheSamTsui. Logic Pro X Audio Interface: SO frickin serids to see what videos you guys are going to respond How to Mix Metal Drums Part 1: I didn’t upload videos for a long time because I was changing all my drums and my equipment for recording.

Quadum April 9, Released October 18, by Cobus Potgieter.

Released March 6, by Nicole Cross. The song is called Your Demise from the Feared album Minimal ghost quxdrum, just straight up power and drive. External Drums by Cobus Potgieter. The new Drum Channel Free Content page features free lessons and shows from your favorite drummers, no subscription needed!

Submitted June 14, Submitted January 17, I looped it a ton to get it smooth, and now it’s one of my all-time favourite patterns to play. Submitted August 19, I spent hours on this, trying different variations and also getting my left hand to play those ghost notes qhadrum enough.

The verse groove was originally much more complicated and busy, but it just didn’t sound good to me, it didn’t compliment the song. Released April 8, by Usher – Topic. Make this a creative exercise: Released March 7, by Kait Weston.


Pro Metal Drums

This video was filmed, edited, engineered, mixed, mastered, and produced in its entirety by Cobus Potgieter. Get This Metal Drum Track: Can’t wait to record some lessons for you guys and explain some of the drum parts in detail.

Cover Remix Original Flag Inappropriate. Before you mix kick drum and bass guitar, make sure you download this cheat sheet to reference when mixing: After a lot of practicing, the heel-toe control improved before the single stroke speed did, so I opted for heel-toe.

Join my community here – http: India’s ‘dream’ of seriew Pakistan will never be fulfilled: Released March 11, by chestersee.