So do you think it depreciate Independence Movement? It also downplayed the romance between the leads. KT makes him lost his care free life with him killed his hyung Kenji, force him to join imperial officer, Lied to him numorous of time, utilize his friend position in Imperial Officer to maintain his position as long as he could, without feeling conflicted or remorse… Some one said Kang To has worst friend Shunji. As if on cue, Shunji bursts into the room, beelining for Sun-hwa, and asks after Mok Dan. Before Young leaves, he asks if Ki Chul knows when the door opens. At least in that way there would have been a time gap for Mok Dan to come to terms with the revelation. I loved everything about the last episode. I saw that too!!

And at some point, you just know that the show will end on happy note although not for all of the main casts. Sure, it was fun to watch rom-coms for the fuzzy feeling and detective shows for the thrill and suspense. I kept watching because I wanted to see if LSG would drop the ball, acting wise. Back-to-back for new episodes to come out, and it seems like the type of drama which would be exciting to watch. And the Angel Club across the street. Haru September 6, at 5:

Of all the memories to draw on, his mind flashes back to his adolescent friendship — of Shunji extending a hand of generosity when Kang-to was at his poorest. Moreover, it was not some fictitious Dongjin commando that liberated Chosun from Imperial Japan. Not directly in support of Gaksital, per se, but as a bold act of defiance standing up for what Gaksital fights for. That’s not her character. I am loving how Shunji is getting really good at manipulating and faking his compassion people, trying to make them believe that he cares.

Gaksital was not a perfect show, but still, it took my heart, play with it and left me without tears and I’m not a person who cries easily and kept me surprised and with my jaw on the floor most of the time, even with some plots going in circles Dongjin was fictitious but there were so many independence movements and armies for whole 35 years, you can’t deny it.


Violence is violence, and in my book, two wrongs do not make one right. Deok Heung, still not believing that Eun-soo is from heaven, asks if it is because her fortune-telling told her that.

So deep and dark and twisty. Back then I promised. This is the only drama I’ve ever stuck to like crazy while it was airing, one that I’ve consumed like water in a desert. Choong-suk fiercely warns him that if Gongmin does that, he will have to forcibly tie him up. Narratively, it would be more satisfying and logical if she wallows longer in more guilt and remorse I mean, how many times did she try to stab the dude with the dagger he gave her?

They highly praised this two actors. He calls her a bitch and gets ready to strike, just as a knife goes hurtling past, lodging in the justice seal. I am hoping for a fake out tomorrow at the beginning of the drama, but probably not cause the episode is only an hour long and they probably have to move it along but I want Kang-To and Mok-Dan married just in case they do something crazy like i don’t know kill everybody like in Harry Potter I would not be able to concentrate if I didn’t get to see Gaksital before school.

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Kenji ends up taking H away. And then I remembered that, honestly, this was the most fitting end for him; it was the most selfless thing he could have done, to finally choose to alleviate 118 best friend from some of the burden, in the form of taking his own life vramacrazy. Son Yeo Eun Supporting Cast.

Deok Heung asks her to hide for about ten days. Or watch QIHM and be overloaded with the cuteness! Like I was lost or empty inside.

I am done watching epi. Shunji orders Boss Jo to look into news of Dramaxrazy Dan. I am so glad they didn’t wait 2 sec before the drama ends for the girl to find out, gaksital.

Oooh, a new scary bad.

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I eipsode wondering if the actors get injected with something to make sure that the vein is protruding for a particular scene. I agree with what Sunshine wrote and also would like add something someone responded to me when I was showing my frustration episoxe some of the comments at DB.


Extreme Nationalism, Extreme Patriotism. He asks Eun-soo to wait while he takes care of a few things. Awe August 3, at 7: Kye-soon cries as she reads it, only to have her little brother walk right into the restaurant behind her, along with Dong-jin.

His mom tells them to run away. OB ended so can we please stop talking UEE and just enjoy the drama for what it is.

Recap: “Faith” Episode 18

The only thing I found a bit weird was some of the background music choices. Call me crazy, but the japanese drmacrazy guy is hawt. Im glad that Horsital is brown in colour, i mean most hero would used black colour animal, maybe to show how heroic they are?

Shunji, there is no way mssk hell you can make me feel bad for your fathers’ death. Yeah, the character development for the guys was pretty deep. Draamacrazy love the msak and am completely enthralled with each individual character’s sory–so far.

I can also buy the world that they set up in the drama, South Korea as a monarchy and trying to tie the knot with North Korea.

It makes me wonder how close Gaksital is to actual events. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe Young comes to see Deok Heung in prison but Deok Heung is not there. When they stop to rest he feeds her and tells her to eat alot. Episode 1 had everything I can possibly want in a drama: Great recaps, great and hilarious at times insights, great community!

They are the legs protecting their nation that will carry their country.

Awesome recap as always! You can tell a drama is episde to end when the characters start dying off and the main couple gets married. Hi Iv, I just finished watching the finale.