If you get one, hope you never have to use it! Originally Posted by transio Hokey until you survive a plane crash Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. It looked pretty beat up to me. Page 1 of 3. I think they offered like 5k.

It looked pretty beat up to me. The key is they got the watch for much less than it sells on the Strip NIB, so they can likely flip it for a profit. Did the Pawn Stars pay too much for Emergency Mission All other things being equal, the solution with the least variables tends to be the correct one. I’ll see if I can take a picture of the overpriced EM if it’s still there. Samsung Gear 2, Ticwatch 2.

I was pretty surprised. I was close to getting it! I saw that watch.

Toronto Yorkdale mall – Breitling Emergency on sale – Forums

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. I think it’s cool and of I was Richard Branson or some adventurer I would get one. I start to get the urge to conquer Poland. I think its neat.

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Samsung Gear 2, Ticwatch 2. The key is they got the watch for much less than it sells on the Strip NIB, so they can likely flip it for a profit.

I dont think a lot of pawn shop stuff goes anymore. Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada My Photos: Moved to Breitling Forum as this has nothing to do with Rolex.

Breitling sponsored the Orbiter 3 project, which in successfully became the first balloon to completely orbit the Earth without landing. Find More Posts by texex BB code is On. It’s been a while, but I remember reading that the frequency it uses is no longer in use with aviation or maritime radios. February 11th, 4. I’m kinda thinking maybe mb breitlimg right Help Forgot your password? Find More Posts by Lmbeauleap. Designed for pilots and aircrews, the Emergency is an instrument watch with built-in microtransmitter broadcasting on the Find ;awn Posts by Oyster Junkie.


PS – As a licensed pilot, this is nothing but silly PR. Most of the watches there was almost at retail price not many bargains.

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February 11th, 7. Saw that episode as well, that is a great show hands down!

Learn from the years that made us who we are. But I didnt try stzrs haggle either. A commemorative Orbiter 3 version of the Emergency watch was subsequently produced, limited to a production run of 1, It will then broadcast for 48 hours. They need to maximize their profit spread, and it seems that pulling up figures on a blackberry from his pocket could have convinced the seller to go lower.

This is the type of watch that has limited appeal for several reasons style, the transmitter, price for a quartz, you can still buy them pasn new, you can’t make much of a convincing fake of one so I’d still be willing to buy one online vice say a Rolex or Steelfish, not too old, not very rareand based on I guess having a little more, Paid too much and, for being emergrncy Breitling guy, Rick should have known better.


Find More Posts by HL Breitling and Pawn Stars I was just in vegas and at pawn stars.

Pawn Stars (2009-)

It cming frm above Posts: Pzwn and Pawn Stars Satch you U. Previous topic Next topic. Very cool story and watch. Tue Feb 08, 4: PR stunts are as old as the hills, and yet it’s still possible to be duped by them. Saw one sold on an episode of “Pawn Stars” but I can’t remember what they gave the guy for it. Did the Pawn Stars pay too much for Emergency Mission And even if Gold and Silver beats their local competition, that just means I think their both asking too much.

I thought that was a bit above current market rate for a used EM. Tue Feb 08, 9: Stqrs some reason, that bugs me. The original ones with the digital display in Titanium, go for K. Bon Jovi back to the top of page. But, for me in my lifestyle my submariner is best.

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