Bad Girls All Star Battle. Nancy and Camilla recall their relationship; Paula sounds off on a betrayal; and Alicia is confronted. Then to dress in costume to reel in a handbag hooked to on a rope. Sarah suspects an alliance between Paula and opposing team member Mehgan, which causes a rift between the Red Team. Once that teammate is released those two must use bolt cutters to create a hole in a chain link fence, to free the third teammate, those three team members would then get a ladder to throw over a wooden wall to free the fourth teammate, the four teammates would then knock the solid concrete wall into pieces using a sledgehammer to free the fifth teammate, those five teammates would then use the battering ram to bust the metal door and free the sixth teammate. During a visit to the club, Sarah notices a surprising new found bond between Mehgan and Shelly, meanwhile Valentina spirals out of control after too many drinks. Janelle Claps Back To Jaznoedges. Reunion – Part 1 Full Episode S 1:

Bad Girls All Star Battle. Valentina and Amy are put up as nominees. Camilla and Nancy start to get romantically involved, but others assume Camilla has ulterior motives. The girls vote results in a tie between Sarah and Janelle, leaving Elease as the deciding factor. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Retrieved April 4,

Shelly puts up little effort to win, and goes to cheer on Rocky during the challenge. Tanisha welcomes the cast as they come back together. Episoe the page, and enjoy. See what she posted below.

Surprisingly the Red Team wins, which shocks Elease attempted to hijack the challenge. Will rsunion be Rocky? Rocky and Shelly get into an heated argument over.

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Watch what happens on this weeks episode by click [here] or the picture. Nancy and Camilla recall their relationship; Paula sounds off on a betrayal; and Alicia is confronted. Each player will hold on to the ring and try to rip it away from the other girls. Valentina 5 of 5 votes to eliminate.


One member of the team would use a saw to free the first teammate from the barrier behind wooden bars. Camilla and Elease form a secret alliance that no one suspects. TV by the Numbers. With a strong strategy Mehgan wins against Shelly, and is the winner of the Battle Challenge.

As the episode begins, Janelle and Mehgan are seen having a conversation about the previous elimination. Retrieved April 4, Bad Girls Club […].

Reunion Part 1

Janelle Shanks […] mikeylatley. The girls fight for dominance and dollars in an explosive battle challenge the likes fpisode which no bad girl has ever seen. The Red Team hope for Elease to be sent home and use Stephanie as a decoy to ensure that. Valentina is sent home with 3 votes. Danni 6 of 8 votes to eliminate. Ray J wakes the girls up early to ask them what they want to do with the money.

Who will be crowned the Baddest of them All? Contributors Become a contributor. The girl who gets to their flag first, will win the challenge. Red Team discuss Elease being in alliance with the opposing team. Every girl eliminated was showered eepisode cow brains and cow blood, while the remaining teammates advance to the next round until the girl with the most correct answers won Team Captain.

The fix is simple – turn off Compatibility View mode. What two people will be eliminated?

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Team Challenge Each girl is to play in a one on one, freestyle tug of war using a small braided piece of hair weave, while the Team Captain decided the match ups. Unwillingly, Camilla tries to episodee Mehgan to reconsider nominating her for elimination. Elease feels relieved since Camilla is gone, and feels she can be trusted within her alliance. Full Episode S 1: Camilla worries and confides in her secret alliance, Elease who convinces the Red team episkde Alicia is a threat.


The Assassination of Gianni Versace: The all-star bad girls reunite to dish episoe Season 2’s dramas. If she wins… Never mind. Rocky decides to nominate Nancy and Elease, which worries Elease. In the most physically tough Team Challenge yet, two girls are taken away in an ambulance, causing a big twist in the competition.

Camilla announces she will not plead her case to Mehgan during a conversation with Nancy. During elimination, as Camilla makes her exit she attacks Elease from behind. The girls from All Star Battle are reuniting again to hash out their problems and more. For the Captain’s Challenge the girls are assigned a male partner to hang onto while he is harnessed onto a crane held over a harbor testing their endurance and strength.

Breakfast in Bed Full Episode S 1: Returning fhll members Rocky, Mehgan, Paula, and Danni all feel targeted because of their veteran rank.

Bad Girls All Star Battle Season 2 Episode 12 Reunion Part 2

The girl who scores a basket inside the bin first wins that round and advances onto the next. Breakfast in Bed Full Episode S 1: Are you the publisher? Meanwhile, Mehgan becomes annoyed with Rocky and her alliance because she feels Shelly and Sarah aren’t independent and rely on Rocky, and feels Rocky keeps them around because their easy competition. Mehgan feels relieved Camilla is sent home because it restrengthens her alliance with Nancy.