King Gator only decides not to eat Charlie and Anne-Marie due to Charlie’s singing voice, never mind the fact he can apparently communicate with both of them. Barkin and his best friend Itchy Itchiford escape from the dog pound and return to their casino riverboat on the bayou , formerly run by Charlie himself and his business partner, Carface Caruthers. It’s mostly adhered to throughout, but has a handful of subversions, such as King Gator and Charlie’s musical number and the horses understanding the dog’s insults despite the dogs not understanding them. Charlie agrees, but is later intoxicated and killed by Carface by getting run over by a car. Carface appears to be an English bulldog, although according to the DVD back cover, Carface is a pit bull. With two dogs and a human.

After Charlie’s ghost says one last goodbye to Anne-Marie and ascends to Heaven , a heavenly chorus sings in the credits right before Charlie demands something a little livelier. Seven years later, it received a sequel, All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 par for the course for every animated film ever during that time , and a TV series adaptation, neither of which Bluth had any involvement with. First, Charlie has that ever-so-lovely dream about going to Hell. Vile Villain, Laughable Lackey: He and Charlie strike a chord as kindred spirits and he lets them go, but Anne-Marie starts falling ill with pneumonia. The afterlife is perfectly nice, but Charlie declares it too clean and bland for his liking and misses the unpredictability of life. Carface, a menacing pit bull crime lord, has the myopic, neurotic poodle Killer for a minion.

Anne Marie apparently catches pneumonia after being in cold water.

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Due to contractual issues, very little tie-in merchandise accompanied the film’s theatrical release; [8] a computer game adaptation for the Commodore Amiga system with a free software package was released, and restaurant chain Wendy’s offered toys with their Kids’ Meals or regular fries.

Forgetting for a moment that ray guns have yet to become a reality in the 21st century, where did he manage alldogsgotoheaevn acquire an atomic alldogsgotoheavven gun in the year ? Meanwhile, Carface has learned that Charlie is still alive and is plotting to kill him again. It’s a Buck Rogers ray alldogagotoheaven It Is Not Your Time: After beating up Itchy, Carface and his thugs destroy Charlie and Itchy’s casino. Escape from Castle Mountainbut it performed poorly at the box office mainly because of a limited theatrical release.


I get one more strike boss, honest! Earlier on in the film, Carface makes Charlie a bargain. Charlie Barkin immediately decides to defect from Heaven upon explanation of its lack of thrill, complete predictability, and cushy lifestyle.

Halfway through the movie, Carface is lowering Killer into a piranha tank, after discovering Charlie is still alive. After a nightmare in which he is sent to Hell for eternity, Charlie wakes up in the room, only to find Anne-Marie gone. Charlie insists on indulging the many vices of the casino business he once shared with Carface, which leads to all manner of betrayal, gluttony, corruption, greed, and murder.

Tour the world with your family in the comfort of your home with our free family movies. While there, Anne-Marie becomes upset at Charlie for stealing the wallet. While it did not repeat the box-office success of Sullivan Bluth’s previous feature films, An American Tailand The Land Before Timeit was successful on home video, becoming one of the biggest-selling VHS releases ever.

Pomeroy also used his presence in the U. The tribe of sewer rats that captures Charlie and Anne-Marie.

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The first is when Charlie is freed from the anchor. It’s astounding how many times people say Charlie’s name in this movie – times total!

This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Family Movies 2 Feature Films 10 min. Alldigsgotoheaven with hAudio microformats Album infoboxes lacking a cover Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia. She’s named Annabelle in the sequel. She also owns a Piglet doll. Flo, hearing Anne-Marie’s scream, sends Itchy to get help from Kate and Harold, and he rouses the dogs of the city by his side.

Charlie’s alive, and I know he’s got the girl.

Carface returns to Earth to do dirty business and is dragged to Hell by the end although that had more to do with selling his soul. Charlie angrily declares that he is using her and will eventually “dump her in an orphanage”. The treatment was originally about a canine private eyeand one of three short stories making up an anthology film.


Most of the character designs hover along the Ugly Cute border, but King Gator’s character design is The whippet angel appears and tells him that because he sacrificed his life for Anne-Marie, Charlie has earned his place in Heaven. Charlie manages to go back to Earth and give Carface his just deserts, but in the end, he’s still dead from when Carface murdered him. After reuniting with Itchy, they discover that Carface has kidnapped a young orphaned girl named Anne-Marie, who has the ability to talk to animals and gain knowledge of a race’s results beforehand, allowing Carface to rig the odds on the rat races in his favor.

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By getting him sloppy drunk, blindfolded and lining him up to be hit by a car on a pier. There’s also the never-fully-explained language barrier when Anne-Marie says she can’t understand the rat minions because the “talk too funny,” implying that the sounds they’re making are a language, just not English. Retrieved October 25, Carface uses the piranha-filled version of this trope to dispose of Killer after he fails him twice.

With two dogs and a human. It’s first introduced when he uses it to let his presence be known upon returning to Carface’s casino. Charlie’s birthday is September 13th,Don Bluth ‘s birthday.

The film was released in high definition for the first time on Blu-ray on March 29,without special features except the original theatrical trailer. Time Warp Dragon’s Lair 3D: