Andrea called Natalie and Rob’s relationship “kind of creepy at times” and lambasted Natalie for betraying Ashley just to apease Rob; and told Phillip to explain who he was if he wanted her vote to which he replied this was the real Phillip Sheppard, and if she didn’t like it then don’t vote for him. The first castaway to solve the entire puzzle would win a three course meal delivered at camp and immunity. On the re-vote, Russell was voted out and was sent to Redemption Island. The final juror David asked no questions but simply addressed all jury members, saying Phillip should not even be a consideration to vote for, that Natalie only got there riding Rob’s back, and made a resounding speech in favor of Rob’s dominant gameplay, how he had successfully blindsided and duped every jury member, and how Rob should be the clear winning choice of the Final 3. You hate him or you love him. Stephanie Valencia 26, Long Beach, California.

At the first station, a crowbar would be used to open a crate that contained a shovel. When the tribe returned to camp, Steve attempted to bury the hatchet with Phillip regarding their argument, but Phillip thought the apology was self-serving and not entirely genuine. Andrea Boehlke 21, Random Lake, Wisconsin. After Ometepe returned to camp from Tribal Council, Phillip felt betrayed by Francesca and swore his loyalty to Rob, while Rob plotted with his alliance to vote out Phillip next. Krista Klumpp 25, Columbia, South Carolina. However, Phillip was uneasy with the idea and approached Kristina about forming an alliance and siding with the women. The castaways discuss the season with host, Jeff Probst.

After the loss, Russell was very emotional, but he regained his composure and let loose on his former tribe by getting Ralph to say that he had a Hidden Immunity Idol and telling Kristina and Phillip that Sarita, Mike, and Steve were in charge of their tribe.

The four castaways would navigate a sudvivor across a table maze. After the challenge, Rob again told the girls that they were safe and to not tell Phillip about their plans. When Andrea returned to camp, she started to scramble to remain in the game by making up a story to Ashley and Natalie that Ralph, Matt, and Mike said they would vote for Phillip at the final Tribal Council, reunlon was a complete lie but seemed to have the girls worried.

Retrieved April 26, When the castaways reached the third set of foot pegs, they would try to remain on them as long as they could. Zapatera came from behind to win a22 second challenge in surivvor row. When Kristina and Phillip returned to camp, Phillip thought he could reunnion Russell’s information about Zapatera’s alliances and the Hidden Immunity Idol as leverage against Rob and Grant to allow Kristina to remain in the game. The next day at Zapatera, Sarita began to irritate her tribe with an issue regarding her tooth.


When it came time for the vote, Julie stuck with the majority and the vote was tied 3—3—3 between Ralph, Russell, and Stephanie. Hustlers Ghost Island David vs. Grant asked about Rob about his alliance with Natalie, pointing out he had an alliance with Rob that he had was strong also, and then asked Natalie about her alliance with Rob also. The castaways would be given three pucks which they would slide across a board and past various obstacles.

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Ashley told Phillip to shut up since she didn’t want to hear him speak, blasted Natalie for not at least warning her she was going home, and told Rob she didn’t know who the real Rob was and probably didn’t want to anymore. Grant Mattos 29, West Hollywood, California. The tribe decided to blindside Andrea at Tribal Council. Cambodiabut neither received enough votes to ss22 amongst the 20 castaways chosen to compete. Once there, they were to sustain themselves in the same manner as when living with the tribe: In a private confessional he said voting out Andrea instead of Phillip or Natalie or himself was a no brainer from his perspective, as she had worked hard around camp, performed admirably in challenges, and had strong connections and had made no enemies on the jury.

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The first castaway to assemble the cube would win. He tried to take the clue without anybody noticing, but Ralph did and told the rest of the tribe. Phillip told the jury that Rob was the mastermind of their entire plan while he implemented it.

The tribes would send out one tribe member at a time to complete tasks involving tools. Natalie, Phillip, and Rob enjoyed the traditional day 39 breakfast. The first six castaways to smash their tile would move on to the second round. The two castaways would brace themselves with their arms between two walls while standing barefoot on two foot pegs. Grant won the last round survivod take his second Individual Immunity. Finally, the entire tribe would ascend the ramp, one tribe member would untie a hammer survvior then use it to hammer in three nails that would break three tiles.


When the voting came, the alliance of six kept to their plan and split their votes between Francesca and Kristina. Francesca, Kristina, and Phillip then formed an alliance, but Phillip annoyed the women with his aggressive questioning about whom to vote off at Tribal Council.


Jeff went over the two’s history in the game and then the two drew for tribes. Tocantins runner-up and People ‘ s Survivor columnist Stephen Fishbach stated that he thought it was the worst season ever. Each castaway would have to stand on a small wooden log while balancing a ball on a wooden disk. After awarding Andrea the Individual Immunity necklace, Jeff told the tribe that they would meet at Tribal Council to vote out a castaway who would survvivor both Matt and Mike at Wurvivor Island.

The former Ometepe agreed to a “buddy system” where none of them would talk to the former Zapatera about the game at all. The next day, Rob and Grant discussed voting out Ashley.

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Mike promised Matt to go to the final four with him, even at the expense of his own tribe and the use of the Hidden Immunity Idol. At Zapatera, the group of six decided to split their votes between Russell and Stephanie. Rob drew wtch orange Ometepe tribe qatch, while Russell drew the purple Zapatera tribe buff. The first caller to solve the puzzle would win for their tribe coffee, tea, creamer, sugar, honey, pastries, donuts, and immunity.

The Reunion

Rob quickly proved to be leader of Ometepe, and kept wary of the hidden immunity idol, including sending one of his own alliance, Matt, to Redemption Island while trying to flush it out. After Ometepe returned to camp from Tribal Council, Phillip surbivor betrayed by Francesca and swore his loyalty to Rob, while Rob plotted with his alliance to vote out Phillip next.

Views Read Edit View history. However, Kristina did not defend herself. Rob kept the knowledge of the idol from his alliance and got Andrea, Ashley, Grant, and Natalie to think that Kristina might have the idol and to split the vote between Kristina and Phillip, favoring Kristina to be voted out.