Watch Tokyo Ghoul Root A http: This is extremely likely in the Alliance leadership knew that the Hideauze were human, they would not want a human to show sympathy or even defect were to discover this fact. In the next episode Not epic nor touchy-feely in any manner, but interesting nonetheless. The healing has finally come. Chamber has the ability to move on its own independent of Ledo, which should be clear by now. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I’m afraid I can’t do that”.

Ledo becomes more surprised, Ridget contemplates something, Melty meets with Crown about something, Amy’s upset, Pinion quits the sauce. Did anyone else’s heart sink a little when chamber did what he did at the end, with the humanoid looking one? Far too late for now, anyway. Well actually I was thinking that he can write something without using usual tricks, well it’s bad to be an optimist: It was interesting to see that those were people in the first place but that’s it. That is, if Chamber doesn’t take matters in his own hands. I wonder what Ledo’s going to do now. Three ways he could not be responsible:

BBCode “Perhaps there is a universal, absolute truth. Wow my mind is blown right now.

Well that episode was an eye-opener. Just hours to go! Yeah, especially since he just came from killing a large amount of them If he was actually out for vengeance, he would have been doing it way before Ledo came along. I felt bad for Ledo when he screamed in agony and rage.

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Now that I think about it, that’s just really kissanome. So far it looks like the Hideous are quite intelligent by their mode of movement and coordination, but it’s also clear they can’t exactly speak anymore, so yeah. Innocent daughter turned into Ika Musume and then Well that’s really going to throw Ledo into an emotional turmoil.


I’m interested in how Ledo will deal with his conflicting emotions for this.

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Also, that little girl looked suspiciously like Amy, sjisei and eyecolor and all. As other people have mentioned. Good point about his lack of emotions killing pirates and his new found emotions about killing squids that look human, I also vaguely recall a line in the first episode where he had no sentiment towards any non-alliance human as well. He never seemed to have a care in the world about anything let alone some dead brother until an episode or two ago.

Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9 Discussion

That is also why the baby Hideauze in the nest, resemble human baby, because they are humans. I think Ledo is overacting, I’ve never seen such a rapid change of heart after years of hatred of the Hideauze.

It was actually pretty obvious that Chamber was the one who did it. Also the Evolvers remaining on Earth are low tech so Ledo has all the time in the world to consider how to act. Pinion pour the beer or whiskey as offering to dead people like his brother and gargantiw Ledo Basically the Zerg-Terran hybrid.

They tell more than show, and when they are showing, they’re doing it very obviously. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. kiwsanime

Ledo is a robot and also AI so it means it can make actions of its own. Hideauze are bio-engineered – forcibly-evolved humans. If a human in front of you would became a non-speaking squid – will you still think of him as ‘ningen’? Because if the Evolvers would’ve had their way, the real humanity would’ve ceased to exist. Those on Earth remained weak np there was little competition, but those in space obviously evolved to suit a combat environment.


Hideauze are bio-engineered abominations. Though the eye shape reminds me more of Melty. This show really can take the viewers by surprise. Now I’m just wondering if the Hideauze are still intelligent or not, because that’d change a lot in my eyes. My sides, it’s all over again.

Chamber would be be only a robot and would respond to that intent, not Ledo’s words. Although I think neither of sides of conflict are right, in fact both are douchebags.

I feel sorry for Ledo. Well, human once try to improve themselves but gargantoa they success, they got envy and jealous over the experiment human and start to hate and deny them. One possibility would be to create a subconscious thought to kill the Hideauze even if Ledo’s conscious mind wanted something else. The started the war against them. There were Hideauze in the ocean.

But then the ceiling fell and they were trapped and not able to kill. The goal was to artificial evolve the humans. I wonder if there’s any procedure Chamber has to follow when someone finds out the truth. I feel bad for Ledo