Things continue to happen pretty fast, in my opinion. The Stasi are insane. The pace is slow. Theodor’s sister in the preview with that smile probably is a stasi spy Kurt ded. How can that actually come out of your mouth and you don’t feel stupid saying it? Damn kurt was one badass dude, even in the limited scene time he’s probably one of the best male characters. Make character development believable and not so sudden.

His scene with Irisdina was great The stuff with Katia was pretty tragic and I feel bad for her considering that she had to witness the horrors of this kind of war first hand and ended up losing the people that saved her life Still I’m glad that now the team is United with the exception of Sylvia who I know is going to fuck things up one way or another because of her stuck up attitude but hopefully shellncome around and then they can destroy those Stasi cunts RIP Kurt and Vivi. It seems Theodor’s sister is joining the team. I feel bad for Theodor. I guess the mainstream viewers Ones that contribute to ridiculous scores on some shows are not into it. That will sink it even further so that most of the mainstream MAL audience probably won’t even give it a shot, and it’ll probably end up being one of those shows only a few will know about. Stasi seem to have something planned and Lise is here as a spy for the stasi I think and I can’t wait to see how that will be in the next episode with Theodor seeing her.

So make them stand out as unique people with different talents, interests, burdens, epiisode There’s not reason it shouldn’t be at least a 7. He was an alright character Who will die in the next ep Onee-san lived Theodor promises to protect Katia, probably a romance growing in there or with Iris Overall it was an alright episode 2. I cant believe how underrated this show is. Schwarzesmarken Episode livee Discussion.

Viewers need to be a lot more attached to them for a show like this to reach its full potential when shit hits the fan. Next episode is going to be interesting. Narratively not surprise me the latest deaths seen today, the previous series was a good teacher. True, i actually enjoyed reactikn scenes, i had hope that he would survive.


Not a 10 epispde any means, but at least a solid 7 or 8. I’m viewing this show within a vacuum with no knowledge of the novel nor Muv-Luv.

That’s how good character design is done, and I hope they’ll port some of that quality over to the lead cast. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Only 3 episodes in and it feels like so much has happened. The amount of flashbacks is somewhat repetitive but I feel like they are important to get the point about the violence of this show. epusode

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There’s still hope the visual novel is actually good though, because the ratings are pretty good. It’s excellent so far to me.

Not a bad episode, but I’m still not liking some of the characters. Character’s development, fighting, emotions are great. It seems war never changes: And shit Stasi should just get destroyed already.

Epjsode like the little sis is here.

Theodor has finally found his resolve and will stop being a little dick to everyone and we learn more about Irisdina and schwarzesmafken what happened to Katia’s father. BBCode “Perhaps there is a universal, absolute truth. However here we are looking at a situation where a non-human invader is literally just a few kilometres away from the capital and seeing as the Beta have reached that far it also means that Germany lige probably been cut of from the rest of the Soviet Union.

The second half was pretty enjoyable I guess. Farabeuf Hitagi’s Pet Offline Joined: People in a team like this will either feel somewhat attached to one another or keep the distance to avoid pain, both of which are great themes to explore in dark, psychological settings.

And Schwarzesmarken’s at as of this post. I just realized that Sylvia and the blonde girl who died in first episode were polish rofl It’s hard to feel anything when you introducing characters and then proceed kill them in the same episode.


The fact it’s overall rated under a 7 is blasphemous to me given some other things airing this season that are rated far higher. Heck, we got Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei at Kinda sad that he died already.

I’m glad that this happened this soon because I dunno if I was going to be able to take his sorry dick attitude anymore Is it just me or was Kurt the most compelling character so far? Pretty sure she is a spy of Stasi. I don’t know exactly how they operated or still operate. Perhaps it justifies every question. Without struggle, there isn’t much develop to happen in the first place.

Nice episode, pretty sure Lise will be a Stasi spy. I can’t wait for people to cosplay Muv Luv characters. So gradually foreshadow things.

This episode pointed that out greatly i can understand using people as a sacrifice to protect or gain something but what i don’t schwarzes,arken is purges and not evacuating a city.

Everyone keeps bitching about the characters and how they aren’t interesting and whatnot. Damn kurt was one badass dude, even in the limited scene time he’s probably one of the best male characters.

Schwarzesmarken Episode 3 Discussion

Aww Irisdina and Theodor: Kurt’s badass death was almost completely identical to Carlos’ death from Resident Evil: I guess the mainstream viewers Ones that contribute to ridiculous scores on some shows are not into it. Expecting her to join Irisdina group after seeing her bro’s here though or die trying, this show’s rather grim after all. This could be geaction much more better, but I episoe I should not expect much with 7 LN in 12 episodes.