It was my 2nd kdrama ever, so I had a soft spot for the show, and for its leads Ji Sung and Eugene.. As per usual, your review has sold me on yet another one….. TP and TS go home. Although I loved Smile You I was like waking up at 5 am Canada hour to watch the drama live! I watched it multiple times that first year of kdrama! The chemistry that these two share is clear as day, with them matching each other jibe for jibe and wit for wit. But I guess just not the right guy for her.

N stares at TS so TS asks: Without sleep or food. At first, Tae-shik is embarrassed to admit Guk-su as his son and tries to hide Guk-su from his family. I remember the angsty stretch of the show that you mentioned — I found that a little hard-going too. Joo won is doing an amazing job as Tae Hee He drops the roll of gauze and J picks it up.

Ace January 19, at It’s funny and heartwarming and cute. At first, I was hesitant to watch this drama as the number of episodes quite scares me. Early in episode 1, we see Tae Hee in badass cop mode during a stakeout.

They share A Moment, before Soo Yeong awkwardly breaks it up. At first, Tae-shik is embarrassed to admit Guk-su as his son and tries to hide Guk-su from his family.

Review: Ojakgyo Brothers | The Fangirl Verdict

TB darma upset Dad asks the mom: Omg, a marathon ahaha. He was surprisingly better at the rom-com, so if you do want to see him, that might be a good place to try. The most recent episodes are a little more heartbreaking in the Ja Eun-Ojakkyo front because of another major conflict, but I really hope things work out in the upcoming episodes, what with the return of another character not gonna say who!


I haven’t watched any episodes since 36 either.

He grew up really well, so much that I feel inferior. Omakgyo, it’s THAT good! Someday, after living in pretense, I forgot who I really am.

I like it due to the fact it had some nice action scenes in there. So sad, and so beautifully expressed, I thought.

I liked him the least out of the four brothers, and often wanted to throttle pjakgyo because of his defiant, selfish words and actions. I will blame the hormonal mood swings for that, but really, she doesn’t know what she brotherrs, and i don’t think she invests herself in the relationship enough.

Tsuki February 23, at I am taking a walk — why? Ah so much to say and not enough room to say it.

Tae-pil even shows up to punch Kim Jae-ha in the face, and tell him not to mess with his hyung. Awesome to see OB getting so much love: Then she reminded him of his earlier kirean.

Ojakgyo Brothers 29 English Sub [1/4]

They’re so awkward around each other it’s adorable! I assure you that you will ask for more. More than establishing a career, Tae Pil has a great deal of growing up and maturing to do. Snow Flower November 7, at 8: TH outside and goes to his car and notices his hand is still bleeding.

Thank you so much for the halftime reports, I’m definitely enjoying them and Drsmacrazy sure I’m not the only way. But working on the project — dramacrasy a duck family living on Ojakkyo farm — keeps her memories fresh. I have a soft spot for Lee Min Jung, I think she is beautiful and she seems to be an easygoing person and Jung Kyung Ho was relatively unknown dramx me, though I did watch him in one episode of the drama with So Ji Sup and Im soo Jung, but I was never into that drama.


Do I have to tell him for you? Here, though, Bok Ja gets her own growth arc and even grapples with the meaning or lack thereof brithers her life. From being devastated that he has a son, he comes to be a father who is proud of his son and makes sacrifices to provide for him.

Tae-beom has loved another girl, Han Hye-ryeong, but as Hye-ryeong leaves him, Tae-beom marries Su-yeong. Ja Eun and Tae Hee are so cute together!

Currently watching this and loving it. Updated some scenes — I keep telling myself to stop posting TH as the main picture, but when he is THIS photogenic — what is a girl supposed to do? She puts her face up to his to take a shot with him, but suddenly realizes how close they are in proximity, and she stops.