Reviews by related category Keyboards and Mice Kensington. Rubber is also used to provide a soft grip on either side of the mouse. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The Ci60 uses QuickRT wireless technology to provide the means for the mouse to communicate with the computer. You will be able to make fine adjustments with the optical precision that you just won’t find in a ball mouse.

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Search Gadget Speak reviews: PC and Macintosh Compatible The mouse is fully compatible with wirdless Windows PCs and Macintosh computers, allowing you to go wireless on whichever platform you use.

72258 Ci60 Optical Wireless Mouse User Manual 72258US_22x22.qxd ACCO Brands, Inc.

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It is now recognized that any repetitive motion may contribute to these health problems.

Test the device on another USB port or computer. These symptoms could mean that you are developing a repetitive stress injury that requires prompt medical attention. If you’re asking a question – join GadgetSpeak first.

Write a review adcudwytus. Your mouse should now be ready to use. For more detailed information, consult your doctor. Adjust the position of the receiver to improve wireless range. There is no charge for technical support except the cost of the phone call, and long distance charges where applicable. The Ci60 Kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse Wireless Mouse will then be ready to use.


Technical Support Kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse support is available to all registered users of Kensington products.

This freedom makes the mouse easier to use and ideal for such intense activities as computer gaming as well as fine detail work such as photo editing. The reason for this discourse kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse the importance of a mouse is a way of introducing yet another model to the already large assortment that I have covered previously. By paying attention to the way you perform your work, use your computer and phone, play sports, and work around the house, you can identify the behaviors that may be putting you at risk.

Open the battery cover 2. Contacting Kensington Troubleshooting information and answers to frequently asked questions are available 24 hours a day on the Kensington Web site at www.

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kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse You may need to repeat this procedure 2—3 times for the mouse to synchronize. Shark Proof Liquid S Top reads Invite a friend! Really I should not have been surprised by this number as I appreciate how important kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse input device is in the role its plays within a computer set up and the need for users to have a choice that suits their particular needs.


Comfortable to Use The mouse is designed with a unique shape and features rubber grips to make it extremely comfortable to use.

Any unauthorized copying, duplicating, or other reproduction of the contents hereof is prohibited without written consent from Kensington Computer Products Group.

Marcus Phelps-Munson Metadata Date: Common Troubleshooting Steps 1. By ensuring kensington ci60 optical wireless mouse product is disposed of correctly, you will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health, which could otherwise be caused by inappropriate waste handling of this product. Large metal objects, radio towers, and other environmental factors may hinder wireless range. kptical

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This wireless device is similar to an FM radio, the position of your computer and surrounding objects especially metal objects may affect your wireless reception and range average range is approximately 10 meters or 30 feet.

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Well – there are lots of reasons to join, depending on you and your interests: Published Cu60 5, Author mfereday. As defined in Section 2.