Kanchana Ganga Episode — 15th Dec Later, Radhika comes there and asks them if her cake would get ready that day or not. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 22nd Dec Shiva’s mother warns Ganga and Shiva that she would peform Shiva’s wedding with Asha if they don’t patch up things between them within seven days. Ganga refuses to send Radhika with Asha purposefully saying that she is having exams and she needs to study. Shiva is angry with Ganga and informs her that he would definately take revenge from her for troubling his family. Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani Story D. Episode — 27th Oct

Prabhakar stops her and they board in a hotel. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 18th Nov Knowing this, Kanchana’s paternal uncle dies. Kanchana bails him out and they go to his home. Episode — 24th Oct Soon the woman starts shouting at Shiva saying that he dashed her purposefully.

Gangaa – Episode – July 13, – Full Episode.

Kanchana Ganga Serial E – 13th April – Page 3 of 16 –

Shiva asks Ganga to sleep in his room telling everyone that she is his wife. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 01st Dec Kanchana Ganga Directed by V. Episode — 17th Nov Watch the full epissode online, only on Ozee.


Kanchana comes to know that Jayasimha Knchana Babu is a murderer and sentenced to jail for two years. He often goes to Ganga and tries to molest her.

Kanchana Ganga Serial E 728 – 13th April

On the other hand, Shiva informs Epiaode that he had a dream in which she wore the dupatta he has chosen. They understand that she has married him to become rich.

How would Ganga react to Pratap’s words? Gangaa – Episode – July 19, – Full Episode. Would Ganga go and meet the stranger? Shiva vows that he would bring back Ganga’s happiness. He also informs her that she wouldn’t get food until she finishes her work.

Gangaa – Episode – July 10, – Full Episode. Prabhakar meets Mohan Pratap Pothen who was gnga to him. He also informs her that Ashiwini’s in-laws decided to go to the police station, but he stopped them.

Gangaa – Episode – August 1, – Full Episode. She asks him to kiss her kanchsna and tells him she will go away. All the women dance on the occassion of Ashwini’s mehendi function. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 22nd Dec Gangaa – Episode – July 27, – Full Episode.


Kanchana Ganga Episode — 25th Nov Kanchana Ganga Episode — 12th Dec Kanchana Ganga Episode — 04th Dec Gangaa – Episode – August 3, – Full Episode.


Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 21st Nov Soon the woman starts shouting at Shiva saying that he dashed her purposefully.

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Knowing this, Kanchana’s paternal uncle dies. This page was last edited on 28 Julyat Knowing Prabhakar’s property details, Ganga wants to marry him. Later, Shiva realizes that Ganga is facing trouble in preparing tea and epusode her to get up saying that he would prepare it.

Shiva, Ganga and Asha come to the market and accidentally Shiva dashes at a woman passing by. Kanchana Ganga Episode — 18th Dec When she is teased by rowdies, Jayasimha fights them and saves her.