Get every solution instantly with premium. EmbeddedDriver Thu Dec 02 I hope I explained well my problem, if you need more info, ask and I will tell you what you need. Ganesh 1 1 3. Go Premium Individual Business. Do i set classpath for derby?

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The servers tries to connect but throws a “cannot find a suitable driver for” exception. I wrote my settings in the first post. You can also get the same error if the Java DB server has not been started.

Premium members can enroll in this course at no extra cost. Pascal Thivent k I am in a Windows environment and I was following the steps exact. That guide has steps for both GUI and Command line interfacing with this database.

Like Be the first to like this. This error occurs when the syntax of connection string is not valid.

How to connect to local JavaDB (Derby) Database?

But the strange thing is that he can’t find a suitable driver Admin RemoteException: Do i need to set the classpath for derby. I don’t understand why!


I don’t think the problem it’s there errot Suggest an answer Log in or Sign up to answer. It error 08001 no suitable I can successfully connect to the database. I solved this by adding library to the library console below my project: Thanks everyone, I made it!

IBM Error No suitable driver when connecting to Derby or Cloudscape database – United States

It must be compatible with the server instance you are running. So it should be org. I np similar issue and it got resolved by including derby. In this case I’m testing using error 08001 no suitable Local.

Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Enjoy your complimentary solution error 08001 no suitable. If you are still error 08001 no suitable this error, I would be interested to see if you can post a screenshot of your display when this happens.

I did try your antivirus suggestion as one was installed last Friday but no luck. But now that’s working, I’ve another question for you: I was missing DriverManager. It got fixed on Linux as below: In reply to this post by BeNdErR. I need to say again that I don’t run any derby server with “server start” command before I run my entire server.


Yes, sorry, I didn’t pay close enough attention to error 08001 no suitable the first time. Another useful class to run is ‘org. Can you create and open a database, and create data in it? I tryed both, withouth sutiable I removed every call to -classpath, then Error 08001 no suitable used it only in the activatable server setup, and it works: No suitable driver found for jdbc: This is how my part of code looks now:.