Second — the TriggerCounter is activated and counts to zero. Could someone who got it working, write down a list for each individual enhancement? It then subtracts that starting address from the trigger address saved when the trigger occurred. This is the signal I see: Channel two seems to work fine on the whole range. But the problem for me is that I require stable basic operation under XP. I looked over the diffs of dso.

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But even with the 75Mhz oscillator the stock ADC would be clocked at more than twice its specification if i get it right. Do you have the Digikey or equivalent part number for your mhz oscillator? Add slider for external trigger level, and only make the slider for the current active trigger source visible at any one time which seems like the logical thing.

Hantek DSO-2090 Oscilloscope

I grabbed the latest git trees and rebuilt everything and now it just works, well done! Hi, Most of what you guys are talking about is over my head, but I have an vso is dead. It s a genuine Hantek and not a knock-off. I also tried to comment out the trigger point conversion but you can image what the result is. My above comment that Hantek is discontinuing the product line is apparently not true.


Hantek 40MHz PC Based USB Oscilloscope

Feel free to use the sigrok wiki to document this sort of stuff, too. XFCEseems that the previous repository is not working anymore.

Again, just to keep some perspective here. People who bought this also bought. Is the enclosure made of plastic? Anyway, I dxo now done some updates and bugfixes to the software, branched from the Dec 4 version.

It uses that info to set up the CPLD and is responsible for reading the waveforms and trigger data back to the PC after an acquisition.

The whole design is quite easy to understand, and the most interesting thing to hack is the actual CPLD clocking to allow for a higher single shot sample rate. Finally it work but I dsso that the calibration tip reads as 2. Hi, just a quick update on sigrok: When setting an offset slider at the very top of the scope, afterwards it becomes hard to move the slider down again.

Works as expected for the price Works almost as expected for a USB oscilloscope.

DSO 40 MHz USB Digital Storage Oscilloscope ($) : Saelig Online Store

The next value will be ! The power 2900 from USB was about mA worst case in the stock configuration, I have to take an updated measurement as soon as I get back my USB measurement board. Hey, hard to say, you may have blown anything from the frontend to the power supply and potentially any other chip on the board… probably 0290 worth to try and repair it anyway for a cheap USB scope like this.


I have uploaded screen shots to https: So I used coolant spray on the pcb to locate the problem. When I set acquisition to normal I see a conventional glitch — the waveform jitters to the left of the trigger point. I got the and have been playing with it using the Windows software. Any suggestions on 209 to proceed from here ….

There are some high res pictures of the layout here http: Thanks for signing in, John. You may put it on pastebin and just link it in the comment but there is definitely something going on there.

Software also lacks some “more than basic” functionality, that maybe will be addressed in future releases. Did that yesterday itself, went over every inch with a magnifying glass but could not identifying any damaged component. That might be nice info to add to your main entry. 0290 is the trigger index sent along with the uploaded waveform. It was overloaded by V AC.