Retrieved 5 September When Arjumand questions Wali about bringing Faraah to the haveli, he explains that he has taken this decision for the sake of Agha Jaan’s health. Retrieved 29 April Ruhina tells her brother that she will only marry Behroze. Hum TV rules Tuesday Agha Jaan leaves, saying that they will come again to take them back. Retrieved 5 August I enjoyed watching this episode for sure.

Retrieved 29 July Retrieved 3 October We get some light-hearted moments, some. Zahra Mirza September 15, Retrieved 3 June Suhaib and Arjumand return to the Kohat after the completion of Suhaib’s studies Arjumand now pregnant, is still unhappy with their marriage and blames Suhaib for her predicament. Retrieved 10 October

Faraah tries to repair her relationship with Wali, who seems to resent her. Agha Jaan shows Wali a newly built portion of their house for Faarah and Ruhina. Retrieved 21 October Zahra Mirza October 13, Retrieved 20 September Retrieved 23 September I love love love the way they are showcasing the feelings of all the characters. Behroze calls Ruhina to ask her to come to haveli with Faraah.

Zahra Mirza June 16, Diyar-e-Dil focuses on the issue of split family with broken relations. Retrieved 10 November Later, Wali reveals to everyone that he wants to marry Faraah and every one is happy with this decision. Hum TV takes lead Suhaib learns that Laila has a son Abad-ur-Rehman.

Dayar e Dil Episode 26 Full on Hum Tv – video dailymotion

Zahra Mirza August 18, Faraah tries to request Wali to not to end their relationship, but Wali tells her that Faraah need not worry about what others will say. Faraah reveals to Ruhina that Wali had brought her to haveli as a part of agreement they made because of Agha Jaan’s deteriorating health.


Ruhina, unaware of the marriage proposal, agrees and goes to the haveli along with Faarah. Zahra Mirza August 4, Retrieved 5 July Ruhina angrily blames Behroze for destroying Faarah’s life.

Archived from the original on 30 October Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 04! Retrieved 10 October He forcibly enters Faarah’s home and takes her to his car. Zahra Mirza August 11, He blames her for Agha Jaan’s condition. Zahra Mirza July 28, Arjumand and Suhaib are unhappy with their current predicament.

Diyar E Dil Episode 11 Full HD 26th May 2015 On Hum Tv

Wali sees Faraah and Agha Jaan getting close. Diyar-e-Dil — Episode 21!

Retrieved 28 May The series is directed by Haseeb Hassan. Faarah and Ruhina argue over the money that Faraah gave Ruhina.

Retrieved 26 November Arjumand and Agha Jaan visit Faraah where she accepts that she has asked for divorce, but they inform Faraah that Ruhina has also asked for a share of property.

Zarminay confronts Faraah and blames her for Agha Jaan health. Ruhina asks her brother Tajamul to allow her and Behroze to get married. Zahra Mirza June 23, Zahra Mirza July 7, Ruhina refuses and blames Agha Jaan for Behroze’s death.

Ruhina believes that Behroze has been manipulated by his father. Wali sees this and warns Faraah that he would not divorce her.


Arjumand warns Faraah that they will not eepisode any of her disruptive behaviour. Retrieved 25 September Ohkay so, it was another one of those episodes that left me heavy hearted by the end.

Dayar E Dil Episode 11 Full on HUM TV Drama – 26 May 2015

Wali takes Faarah to their farm house to hold her as a hostage. Behroze takes Ruhina to his friend’s apartment until he finds a place where they can both live. Behroze explains that he doesn’t want to marry Arjumand as he loves Ruhina, his classmate and he never accepted this engagement. Retrieved 2 July Agha Jaan leaves, saying that they will come again to take them back.

They searches for Faraah together. Retrieved 14 May Suhaib is unhappy at Agha Jaan’s decision. Wali wakes her up in epusode morning to talk of the agreement they made three months ago, and tells her that his lawyer has sent divorce papers, and that everyone agrees with their decision to separate. Farhat Ishtiaq and Muhammad Wasi-ul-din. Faraah tells Zarminey that she wants to continue her relationship with Wali and the rest of the family.