This leads to a large number of models, all belonging to the same family, but possibly incompatible to some degree, and also makes it difficult to ascertain whether a device is unique or part of an existing family. Let your loved one pick the gift of their dreams. My step-mom took an AF35M II with her when she and my dad took a big trip out west some years ago way back in the mids! This had been used by Zeiss-Ikon in their mid-level cameras of their Contaflex series, and by Kodak in early interchangeable lenses for the top-end Retina series later going to full lenses. Canon EOS flash system. Canon Eagles Canon Open.

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As for accuracy, it doesn’t matter if it is a stop or two off as long as you know it is and can adjust cabon it. BG, that’s an excellent shot! All of her shots were quite impressive. The way to work around this is to use the self-timer, which doubles as pre-focus: By ; most major components, and an inexpensive horizontal cloth-curtain shutter, costs could be spread out over a larger production volumes. Please login to like.


Canon AF35M

However, that way the camera will focus on what’s in the centre of the frame. About this product Product Information The Canon P Rangefinder film camera is a model that lets you indulge in vintage-style photography. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The FL lens mount replaced R-mounts in You will 198 to move your head around to see the corners, which can be done with mild annoyance.

Yes, I get it: The initial price for the first-model NoteJet was U. Ever seen a gigantic camera?

What Do You Know About These (old) 1980’s Canon P&S?

canin The camera is slightly larger and heavier than I anticipated so I will use it with the lighter of my lenses. Best Selling in Film Cameras See all.

Discussion in ‘ Classic Manual Cameras ‘ started by timwittFeb 8, Mike GammillFeb 9, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Modern Photography, Volume 47, Number 12; December Canon A-1 A-1 top. Additional Product Features Film Type.


Views Read Edit View history. Some of the later models drew power from a single 2CR5 battery.

F-1 F-1n New F-1 It is visibly sharper, has higher contrast, a more accurate focus! Also like the A-1, the AE-1 Program supports interchangeable focusing screens.

Canon Camera Museum

L item doesn’t belong on this page. Post war Canon resumed production of pre-war designs in early with the JII viewfinder and the S1 rangefinder. I had three AF35MLs and sold all of them. Upper end models had a new three-mode viewfinders and winding triggers. They all use the same compact aluminum alloy chassis, but with differing feature levels and outer cosmetic acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene ABS plastic panels.

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All three of these are nice cameras. Any working example of this camera is a real gem in my opinion!