I was convinced that I had it mentioned in the start of the article that this is a very simple circuit that has some trade offs in reliability to gain simplicity. Hi mads, I have built this circuit before i built the zvs,i found that each time i pull the negative or positive wire far away from each other then the IC blows. Also with the 30v cicuit is the uf AC or DC beacuse it is not clear, and if it is DC why does the posotive go to the ground? August 14, at I can understand from your parts in question that you want to run at higher voltages, it can be done but you might run into some practical problems like…. However I chose to draw the output further and around 5 cm far from ground wire, the mosfet blown. June 6, at

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I would prefer to make it regulated. Should it be completely silent?. It seems one end of the primary is connected to the fets drain, is the other end connect to pin 4 of the chip?

I have found this guide to flybacks on this website http: May 9, at Also, in a normal SGTC, the transformer is shorted when the spark gap fires… meaning, you need a transformer like a NST capable of running short-circuit.


I do trust all of the ideas you have offered on your post. Everything else it the same as your schematic. Hi Mads and Dylan, I found a cheaper ways of getting a power supply. However for a low power application it should work great I started out using them.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver

I eventually put the project in a box and forgot all about it. Tank cap is a.

October 19, at I did the project, and the spark was hiting. Im doing auvio related to this for a school science fair project and cannot find some of the parts. Hi Andrew and Dylan Dylan covered about everything. To ensure your email is not marked as spam, please include the phrase “4hv help” in the subject line.

Mazilli ZVS flyback driver | Kaizer Power Electronics

October 21, at Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Since the power supply shorted, I cannot get the circuit to work, but I have power going to the components. November 6, at Thanks, Sorry to keep bugging you with questions like this but I like to make sure I am getting suitable components before I buy them.

April 4, at I finally got round to trying mine out on 36v input, http: A ignition coil would work, not from personal experience, but from what I have heard. modylated


We noticed that the tank capacitors were bulging noticeably. Which means, possibly polypropilene, or anything similar.

The only difference with the 3rd unit I made the one giving high frequencies is that the gate resistors are modulatedd Ohm, the cap is 2 x. I should have a video up in the next day or so as I am going to wait until it gets dark and film some arcs with the lights off. Also when I get now discharge modilated is a high pitch coming from the flyback but no discharge.

How do i keep parts from frying so easily. With modulaed ZVS circuit you do not really control how much current it draws, if your supply can only deliver 10A, there is a great risk it will overburden the power supply, pull the voltage down and your MOSFETs explode due to not switching properly at the low voltage. September 5, at Its time to improve the driver with a variable frequency control so the driver can be used with most conventional monitor flyback transformers without changing any parts, but merely turn the potentiometer.

November 25, at